Adam Sandler may be an icon himself but he admits he gets a bit nervous anytime he’s around global superstar Taylor Swift.

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Sandler and host Conan O’Brien were talking about stars they idolized growing up, and how newer celebrities don’t typically have the same effect on them.

“What I have found is that people can be absolute icons, make the biggest stars in the world, but if they came along five years ago, I’m very happy to meet them, but they don’t have that effect on me. I’m not like, ‘Oh my, oh my God,’ you know, the way I would be from anybody that I saw [growing up],” Conan explained.

Adam Sandler on Why He Gets “Jumpy” Around Taylor Swift

But the Murder Mystery 2 actor revealed there’s one 21st-century celebrity that he gets starstruck over.

“You know what – Taylor Swift,” the legendary comedian and actor said. “Because what she means to my kids, I get it a little f*****’ jumpy. Just ’cause I don’t wanna blow it for my kids. So I’m a little like ‘Taylor, Taylor,’ like I talk a little too loud or something. I don’t stay as cool as I can.”

Conan said in response, “Yeah, I can see that. Yeah, she’s, I mean, she’s this whole other level now.”

Sandler, who shares teen daughters Sadie and Sunny with his wife, Jackie Sandler, even compared Swift’s massive popularity to the 1960s “Beatlemania.”

People talk about The Beatles of it all and her. I mean, man, so many smash hits,” the Spaceman actor added. “There’s not a word my kids don’t know.”

While Sandler likes to remain humble, he has also amassed great fame himself for his stand-up comedy, his characters on Saturday Night Live as well as his loveable yet comical roles in films such as Grown UpsHappy GilmoreYou Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah and more. Most recently, he received the People’s Icon Award at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards.

The actor has also previously been spotted supporting Swift during her Eras Tour with his two daughters, including attending one of the Grammy-winning singer’s shows at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles last year, as well as going to The Eras Tour: The Movie premiere.

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