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Travis Kelce has blown up the news cycle ever since he snagged the heart of one of the nation’s biggest pop stars. He and Taylor Swift’s love story has captivated the media, and fans watched in awe ever since the two began to date in September of 2023. Naturally, Swifties have wanted to pry into every last detail of who exactly is the man that has managed to court the “Red” singer and turned her into a football fan. 

Kelce has a bit of a dating history himself (not unlike Miss T-Swift), and the tight end has even starred in his reality dating show on E! in 2016. But beyond his luck with the ladies, the NFL player’s claim to fame has been his impressive long-standing career with the Kansas City Chiefs. He’s become a multi-millionaire after 11 seasons with the Chiefs, and he signed a lofty 4-year extension deal with the team in 2020 that promises at least a few more years on the field.

Football players are known to recklessly spend much of their cash, and Kelce has admitted on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast to blowing through a lot of his paycheck at the beginning of his career. He’s not in the dog house anymore, however, especially since he recently closed on a $6 million dollar Kansas City mansion to add to his growing real estate profile. We’re giving you the inside scoop on Travis Kelce’s stunning digs, from the over-the-top amenities to just how much decadence Swift has to look forward to when she makes her stops in town.

He reportedly bought the house for Taylor Swift


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift hug each other


Travis Kelce is building up his real estate portfolio, and it seems that Taylor Swift has had a big influence on his new purchases. The NFL star was living in the Briarcliff West Kansas City neighborhood in his home that he bought for just under a million dollars in 2019, but he recently upgraded and bought a new mansion in the same state after dating the singer. With Swift making frequent stops in Kelce’s hometown, it makes sense that the Chiefs tight end would want something bigger and better for his new girl. After all, only the best for one of the music industry’s most sought-after pop stars, right?

According to Daily Mail, the timing worked out perfectly as Swift could enjoy some downtime with Kelce during her break from her lucrative “Eras” tour. The two have been spending quite a lot of time together in the city, which many believe was the deciding factor in the tight end deciding to upgrade his crib. As reported by Realtor, Swift had been looking for houses in the area herself before her boyfriend decided to pull the trigger. In the words of T-Swift, “It’s a love story baby just say yes.”

Travis Kelce’s home is incredibly private

This is Travis Kelce's luxurious house in Kansas City: Will Taylor Swift  like it? | Marca

Dating Taylor Swift comes with an excessive amount of media attention and little to no privacy, and no one knows it better than Travis Kelce. Ever since the pair’s romance started heating up in the Fall of 2023, the paparazzi haven’t let up on their newfound love affair.

Rumor has it that the NFL star was looking for something with a bit more privacy, especially with the prying eyes of the media watching his and Swift’s every move. According to TMZ, the football player’s mainstay property in Briarcliff West was becoming far too accessible to the paparazzi as well as fans who decided to sneak a glimpse at the home. Not to mention, the football star had a security team parked outside his former property to ward off intruders.

To combat the problem, Kelce ended up buying a larger, much more private mansion for $6 million dollars in the suburbs of Leawood in October of 2023. According to Daily Mail, the timing worked out perfectly as Swift could enjoy some downtime with Kelce during her break from her “Eras” tour. The property sits inside a gated community, making it much harder for media access than his former home which could be viewed from the street. The massive property is also surrounded by a lush array of greenery and large trees, making it a perfect getaway for the couple whenever Swift flies in from the legs of her many tour stops and music gigs.

His mansion boasts incredible amounts of space and fitness amenities

Travis Kelce’s new mansion is fit for a king, with an incredible array of luxury features and amenities for him to enjoy in his downtime. The 17,000 square foot six-bedroom and six-bathroom sits on 3.5 acres, outfitted with a chef’s kitchen, wine cellar, media room, and formal dining room space. While the property was built in 1998, it underwent a massive upgrade by the famous Wolfgang Trost Architects group and renowned builder Harry Roth.

Being a football star, there’s no question Kelce wanted to buy a home with enough outdoor space to enjoy plenty of his sports activities. In addition to a giant backyard with an outdoor kitchen, the tight end can look forward to plenty of water time in his giant outdoor pool, waterfall, and hot tub. His new digs also include a personal pickleball and tennis court outfitted with lights as well as a miniature golf course.

It’s a major upgrade from his previous Kansas City home

Travis Kelce’s smaller Kansas City home in Briarcliff West isn’t nearly as luxurious as his mansion in Leawood. While that home has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, it’s a much smaller space at just 10,000 square feet. The space includes amenities such as a movie theatre, swimming pool, fitness room, and a private master suite balcony, but it doesn’t boast nearly as much outdoor room or space for backyard activities.

Kelce’s Briarcliff West property lacks an outdoor bar and kitchen, as a private tennis court or putting green. While the home does offer some sort of privacy with trees in the backyard, his newer mansion is far grander and positioned much further out of the public eye. Plenty of greenery and landscape surround the home, and a winding driveway helps hide it from the street, making the massive home far less visible from the street.

Other upgrades included in the NFL star’s newest mansion include a massive wine cellar, much bigger and far more luxurious than the wine storage in his Briarcliff West home. He also has plenty of space for his luxury cars, with a six-car garage built on the 6 million-dollar property in comparison to the three-car garage he was previously accustomed to.

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