He’s υпdoυbtedly eager to eпcoυпter his soυlmate, as Travis Kelce gears υp for his joυrпey to Siпgapore to meet Taylor Swift.

On Saturday, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end visited Philadelphia, where his brother, Jason Kelce, lives with his family and plays football. While Travis was in town, he stopped by celebrity barber Willis Orengo, who posted a snapshot of the two on Instagram.

“Not 1, not 2️⃣

, but 

3️⃣ ❎ Super Bowl Champion!!! Orengo captioned the image, “When Travis is tired of his own haircut, he gets the @jvalanciunas 

🤣😂🤣!!!” He posted a photo with Travis, who was dressed casually in a navy sweatshirt and trousers and sporting a new haircut. “But all joking aside, I cleaned the giant yeti 🧼 🥶

🥶🥶🥶🥶!!! #NFL #BigYeti #NYC #Philly #Wellconnected #KC #KCChiefs #Travis Kelce.”

Earlier, Orengo reposted a photo from his fiancée on his Instagram Story, confirming that they had visited the Pennsylvania city. “Little drive to Philly last night with @willisthebarber” was written over an image of what looked to be the same room as the one of Orengo and Travis. A photo of the tight end dancing in his Chiefs uniform was also included in the post.

Travis’ new haircut coincides with his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s latest stop on her record-breaking Eras Tour. Swift, 34, played her second gig in Singapore on Sunday, delighting fans by revealing the fourth and final edition of her next album, The Tortured Poets Department.

According to a fan post on X, an image from the new version of the album showed behind Swift on stage, showcasing previously unseen artwork of Swift running her hands over her hair. The image also hinted that a bonus tune titled “The Black Dog” will be included in the current edition.

The pop sensation also announced the news on Instagram, a day after she revealed her own familial ties to Singapore. On Saturday, she performed her first sold-out gig at Singapore National, reflecting on her mother, Andrea Swift’s, childhood.

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