Britney wows in her 𝑠e𝑥iest ever outfits on stage in Las Vegas

BRITNEY Spears has thrilled fans in Las Vegas with her 𝑠e𝑥iest stage outfits yet.

The mother-of-two showed off her toned torso and pert posterior in an array of garments, including turquoise bejewelled knickers and matching top, red PVC skirt and bralet and a white cutaway bodysuit.

Britney Spears wowed in an array of skimpy stage costumes during her Las Vegas showCredit:

Britney showcased her signature moves in the ensembles, gyrating alongside backing dances as well as strutting her stuff on her own.

At one point, the 34-year-old slid across the floor in a pair of red pants and matching bra which also featured one sleeve and an embellished garter belt.

The singer showed off her toned torso in a turquoise bodysuitCredit:

Britney switched into a white bodysuit, but still flashed plenty of fleshCredit:

As Britney writhed around, her blonde hair up high in a ponytail, her male dancers appeared, with one stroking her leg as he got down on his knees in just a pair of skin tight black trousers, before they lifted her above their heads.

Britney revamped her costumes after announcing her residency had been extended by two years in 2015Credit:

The Toxic singer began her Piece of Me residency at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Sin City back in 2013, and delighted fans by extending her stint by another two years, and introducing her 𝑠e𝑥y new wardrobe as a result.

Speaking to People Magazine, Britney’s stylist Soyon An revealed the star wanted to totally update her look to celebrate her show remaining in Las Vegas.

Britney’s wardrobe consisted of lots of colourful ensemblesCredit:

The singer’s pert posterior was also on display in her array of bodysuitsCredit:

She said: “That means hotter, 𝑠e𝑥ier costumes showing more leg, more midriff, more cleavage.

“The costumes on the new and improved show are the 𝑠e𝑥iest she’s worn. There is a lot more skin showing.”

Britney is in amazing shape for her Las Vegas residencyCredit:

It certainly seemed to be the case, as Britney wore a pink bodysuit which featured criss crossed straps across her flat tummy and sheer, sparkly sleeves.

Another bodysuit was white with cut out panels at the stomach and chest, allowing Britney’s bra to pop out through the sheer fabric.

Britney slid across the stage at one point in a 𝑠e𝑥y red outfitCredit:

Britney’s backing dancers were happy to get close to the singerCredit:

The dancer’s lifted the singer above their head at one pointCredit:

Soyon added: “We are also using more bodysuits than the previous iteration with a lot more stones and crystals.

“We wanted to create whole new worlds within the show for some of the new sections while giving new life to the sections that would remain intact from the previous version of the show.”

Britney also wore a pair of green knickers with the word Kisses written on themCredit:

Britney teamed her numerous outfit changes with thigh high boots, and for one look she wore a pair of white boots while wearing a pair of green pants with ‘Kisses’ written on and a yellow cropped sports jersey and striped tie.

Britney signed a t-shirt for a male fan during the showCredit:

At one point, the star even got a male fan out of the audience to come up on stage so she could sign a tour T-shirt for him as she rested it on his chest.

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