Urfi Javed Hits Back At Soni Razdan For Hyping Poverty

Urfi Javed Hits Back At Soni Razdan For Hyping Poverty

Few families have captured the public’s fascination quite like the Bhatts. Mahesh Bhatt, a stalwart in the film industry, has not only left a mark with his cinematic creations but has also given rise to a family that remains a subject of perpetual intrigue. Central to this captivating narrative is Soni Razdan, a 67-year-old actress and mother, who proudly assumes the role of nurturing two daughters, Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt.

While Alia Bhatt has soared to great heights, carving a niche for herself as a prominent figure in the film industry, her elder sister Shaheen Bhatt has consciously chosen a more private life, steering clear of the glitz and glamour that often accompany showbiz. This divergence in career paths has, in turn, opened up a window into the Bhatt family, shedding light on the choices made and the values instilled.

In a recent interview, Soni Razdan delved into her experiences of providing a middle-class upbringing for her daughters. The revelation came forth in a narrative, with Razdan reminiscing about a noteworthy incident that unfolded during a flight. She recounted a time when financial constraints led her to make a tough decision – opting for a first-class ticket for herself while her daughters travelled in economy.

Urfi Javed Hits Back At Soni Razdan For Hyping Poverty

Urfi Javed Hits Back At Soni Razdan For Hyping Poverty

This incident, set against the backdrop of a flight to Dubai, unfolded a nuanced perspective on the realities of a middle-class lifestyle. Razdan expressed her contentment in raising her children with a middle-class ethos, reminiscing about the times when money was scarce, and the family resided in a modest two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai back in 2004.

However, this revelation didn’t escape the scrutiny of social media, as influencer Urfi Javed took to her Instagram stories to voice her dissatisfaction with Razdan’s portrayal of a middle-class upbringing. Urfi shared a screenshot of Razdan’s statement, expressing her discontent with the notion that having children travel in economy class equated to middle-class parenting.

In her response, Urfi Javed challenged the narrative of glorifying financial constraints, asserting that traveling in economy class was not synonymous with a middle-class upbringing. This led to a social media discourse, with supporters and critics weighing in on the definition of middle-class values and parenting.

Undeterred by the criticism, Soni Razdan stood firm in her perspective, emphasizing that the portrayal of a middle-class upbringing was not about hyping poverty but about instilling values of modesty and practicality. She highlighted the times when the family struggled, underscoring the eventual rise in financial stability after Mahesh Bhatt’s successful foray into film production.

Razdan pointed out that having her children travel in economy class was a conscious choice, reflective of the financial constraints faced at that particular juncture. Her retort aimed to dispel the notion that financial prosperity was incompatible with middle-class values.

“Once we were going to Dubai and I did not have money to buy three business class tickets. I told my children, I will travel in first class and both of you will travel in economy. When I went to see them, a woman sitting right in front of them had reclined her seat, due to which the children were not able to sit properly,” said Razdan.

“We used to live in a two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai in 2004. Money started coming in after Mahesh Bhatt became a producer. I am happy that my children have received a middle-class upbringing, just like I have brought them up. My husband had a car and a driver who used to drop him to work. I had a Jane (car) which I used to drop and pick up my children from school,” Soni further said.

“Can we stop hyping poverty? Having your children travel in the economy is not middle-class parenting. Having money or spending it is not a bad thing,” wrote Urfi.

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