(X) Lady Gaga shocked her with dark eye makeup and no ʙʀᴀ in a hot red halter dress, performing while sipping whiskey

Lady Gaga surprised her fans at the Vancouver Jazz Festival with a daring braless performance alongside Tony Bennett. The 29-year-old singer rocked a red halter-neck gown with polka dots, accentuating her curves. She topped off her look with a bold red feathered jacket, statement eye make-up, and a classy chignon hairstyle. Watch the video below to see her electrifying performance!

Taking a chance: Lady Gaga surprised her fans on Monday night by going braless during her performance at the Vancouver Jazz Festival with the iconic singer Tony Bennett.

The Las Vegas native, at 29 years old, made a glamorous entrance on stage in a stunning red halter-neck dress adorned with stylish polka dots that accentuated her figure. In the midst of her performance, she delighted in sipping on whisky, sharing anecdotes about her experiences in dive bars before raising her glass to the audience. Throughout the night, the fashion-forward artist donned a total of eight different outfits, including a dazzling silver jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and a bejeweled headdress. Her third ensemble featured a sheer white dress paired with a feathery jacket and a curly wig, while the fourth outfit showcased a beaded silver dress with a keyhole design.

Glug: As she belted out her song on stage, she seemed to relish a sip of whisky, regaling the audience with tales of dive bars before raising her glass in a cheerful salute.

Ignore them! The vocalist stopped singing to take a sip from her drink.

Giving it her all: The vocalist performed alongside the iconic 88-year-old singer Tony Bennett.

What a perfect harmony: She playfully planted a kiss on his cheek as their song came to a close.

She’s ready to hit the stage: The 29-year-old shook things up with her feathered jacket while performing. Showing off her glamorous style with no limits, she paired an iridescent sequin pearl gown with bejeweled eyebrows for a flapper girl-meets-Vegas showgirl look. Drawing from the era of the 1920s, the Artpop singer rocked a one-shoulder feathered mini dress along with a matching elaborate headpiece. For her final outfit, she sparkled in a caped diamante dress adorned with oversized diamond earrings, leaning her head on 88-year-old Tony’s shoulder.

The stylish fashionista changed her outfit a total of seven times during the evening, including a dazzling silver jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and a beautiful jewelled headdress.

Shimmering spectacle: Her movements on stage showcased a range of shapes and forms as she gracefully danced.

Step aside Beyonce, because she was also spotted in a sultry sheer outfit while playfully twirling her boa.

Diving right in: Lady Gaga completed her outfit with a stunning platinum blonde curly hairpiece.

Hooray! The duo has formed a strong bond during their Cheek To Cheek tour.

“Would you care to dance?” The duo elegantly danced across the stage, exuding a sense of classic Hollywood charm. Over the weekend, the singer expressed her gratitude to her fans via Instagram. She penned, “I am truly grateful for the outpouring of support on the 4th anniversary of Born This Way. Your virtual listening party and uplifting tweets celebrating self-confidence and embracing one’s true self truly touched my heart. I sensed the unwavering strength of our fan community. Our connection goes beyond superficialities; it is rooted in shared values of love and compassion. These principles were at the core of that album.”

Another stunning outfit she showcased was a beaded silver dress with a keyhole design, elegantly revealing some leg while she sat beside the piano.

New look alert! Following her confident stride in shimmering beads, she transformed her appearance by slipping into a stylish flapper-inspired short dress.

Appreciation: The singer showed her gratitude to fans on Instagram on Sunday, expressing her thanks for their support on the 4th anniversary of Born This Way. She ended her message by sharing her hopeful thoughts about the progress towards legalizing LGBT marriage, urging everyone to keep their faith and courage alive for a brighter future.

I am so grateful for the amazing experience of hosting our online listening party. Seeing all the positive tweets expressing self-confidence and pride in one’s identity really solidified the amazing bond within our fan base. It was truly heartwarming to feel the soul of our community shining so brightly.

What a fabulous find! The outfit featured a dazzling sequined pearl gown paired with bold, embellished eyebrows, evoking the fashion and glamour of flapper girls and Vegas showgirls without breaking the bank.

Comfy: As she glanced back for one last time, she looked stunning in a sparkling diamond-studded cape dress, paired with enormous diamond earrings, while gently leaning her head on the shoulder of 88-year-old Tony.

How far is too far? She completed her outfit by adding extra-large diamond earrings to her ensemble.

Goofy Gal: The feathered friend upgraded this outfit by throwing on some pasties in a photo posted on Instagram this Wednesday.

Switching it up: The famous singer of “Poker Face” sported a different style in a recent photo posted on Wednesday.

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