(X) “SHE’S A WH⭑RE” – Steve Harvey Reacts To LEAKED Pics Showing Wife Marjorie CHEATING On Him With Multiple Men

Steve Harvey Reacts To LEAKED Pics Showing Wife Marjorie CHEATING On Him With Multiple Men

teve Harvey Reacts To LEAKED Pics Showing Wife Marjorie CHEATING On Him With Multiple Men

Steve’s apparent transgressions seem to extend beyond mere unfaithfulness. He purportedly took extreme measures to ensure Mary Lee was deprived of everything. Beyond accusations of cheating, manipulation, and estrangement from their son, Mary Lee has also leveled severe allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Steve.


Such grave charges have set the rumor mill in motion, leading many to question the extent of the shadows lurking in Steve’s previous romantic entanglements. And now, in a dramatic turn of events, social media is abuzz with rumors hinting at Marjorie’s romantic involvement with Big Boom, Steve’s trusted bodyguard, potentially betraying Steve. The unfolding saga seems to grow more convoluted by the moment.

Recently, comedian J. Patterson has thrown his hat into the ring, further igniting the flames of this scandal. J asserts that Big Boom is poised to share his side of the story, which seemingly contradicts Steve’s narrative.

Steve, one can imagine your feelings right now, donning that distinct GI Joe hat and unmistakable mustache. I can picture you channeling the frustration akin to Trey’s iconic scene from “Boyz n the Hood”. Remember? Trey’s passionate outburst? Listen, Steve, when you’re the topic of intense public scrutiny, I’m merely the messenger here.

When they approached me on Instagram, it was unexpected. I hadn’t anticipated that Big Boom’s representatives would reach out, praising my comedic impact and proposing an interview.

To be clear, Steve, I’m as in the dark about what Big Boom might reveal as you are. But, let’s be real, regardless of my prior beef over my food stamps with P. Diddy, that’s a separate issue. Right now, it’s about this narrative.

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