(X) Taylor Swift’s father was investigated on charges of ᴠɪᴏʟᴇɴᴄᴇ, video of the scene of the incident was released

Taylor Swift’s father has now become the talk of social media with allegations of breaking the law.

On the morning of Feb. 27, Pagesix reported that Scott Swift — Taylor Swift’s father — is currently under police investigation for alleged paparazzi. According to the source, the incident happened in the early morning of February 27 (local time) at 1 pier at the time Taylor Swift and her father went to celebrate after completing the Eras Tour in Sydney (Australia).

In the video released by TMZ, Scott and Taylor encounter the paparazzi while leaving a yacht. The reporter’s lens suddenly shook and this is believed to be the moment when the incident occurred.

Paparazzi Ben McDonald confirmed the attack by Scott Swift, saying there was no provocation: “I was punched in the left side of the face by him. Then I had a damp jaw pain. Mr. Scott must have felt he had to protect his daughter for some reason. But I didn’t provoke him. In my 23 years as a paparazzi, I’ve never encountered anything like it.”

Scott Swift is accused of assaulting a paparazzi in the early hours of February 27 (Australian time)

Scott Swift suddenly became the focus of conversation with a lot of noise from reporters

Police confirmed Taylor’s father is currently under investigation for allegedly assaulting others. And in the latest development, the singer’s representative has officially hit back at the paparazzi’s allegation: “2 paparazzi aggressively walked towards Taylor 1, grabbed the bodyguard and threatened to shove 1 female employee of our crew into the water.”

The popular singer has just completed a successful concert in Sydney

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