Johnny Depp is excited about his daughter Lily-Rose’s romance with 070 Shake

The romantic adventures of Hollywood’s elite often attract public interest, and the latest revelation from the Depp family is no exception.

Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, recently made headlines with her blossoming romance with rapper 070 Shake, and her famous dad couldn’t be happier.

Lily-Rose, 23, and rapper 070 Shake, whose real name is Danielle Balbuena, were recently photographed sharing a steamy kiss at LAX airport, confirming speculation about their relationship.

While the public only recently learned about their romance, a source close to the Depp family revealed that Johnny Depp kept the relationship a secret from the beginning.

The 23-year-old was pictured energetically throwing her arms around her love as they indulged in a steamy kiss at LAX after the King star returned from the Cannes Film Festival

Lily-Rose has been dating the rapper, whose real name is Danielle Balbuena, since January but only went public with the romance this month

Johnny Depp was ‘one of the first people’ to know about daughter Lily-Rose’s romance, a source told

According to insiders, Lily-Rose has a close relationship with her father and confides in him about various aspects of her life.

Johnny, known for his open mind and unique lifestyle, is said to support Lily-Rose’s romantic endeavors.

Married to openly bisexual actress Amber Heard, Johnny is no stranger to sexual fluidity and has normalized that dynamic for his children.

The source emphasized that Johnny’s primary concern is the happiness and well-being of his daughter.

Lily-Rose’s past relationships have not always met with her father’s approval, but he is happy to see her in a loving and supportive relationship with 070 Shake.

070 Shake – whose real name is Danielle Balbuena – hails from New Jersey and her rap moniker is a tribute to her hometown zip code

Much like her mother, French singer Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose (pictured together) is incredibly private about her personal life

The rapper’s musical background and common interests with Johnny made her admire him even more.

Depp’s family insider also revealed that Lily-Rose’s friends consider her relationship with 070 Shake to be a perfect couple.

Describing them as gentle and affectionate, they believe the pair complement each other very well.

Lily-Rose, known for her authenticity, surrounds herself with genuine people and her relationship with 070 Shake seems to reflect this.

Despite her lineage, Lily-Rose has forged her own path in the entertainment industry, pursuing a career in modeling and acting.

Her recent romance with 070 Shake marks another chapter in her personal journey, one that is gaining attention from fans and media alike.


A source told ‘Johnny also thinks that it is super cool that his daughter is with a musician because he is a musician’


Lily-Rose’s last known relationship was with French rapper Yassine Stein, whom she began dating at the end of 2021 – however it’s thought that the pair split after around a year together


In 2021, Lily-Rose sparked furious rumors of a romance with Austin Butler when they were seen putting on a very passionate display on the streets of London

Before dating Yassine, the model and actress had a very high-profile romance with fellow actor Timothee Chalamet (seen together on a yacht in Capri in 2019)

Lily-Rose’s relationship history includes high-profile romances with actors Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler, as well as French rapper Yassine Stein.

While some of these relationships have garnered public interest, her current romance with 070 Shake has attracted attention for its authenticity and genuine connection.

As the Depp family attracts attention, Lily-Rose remains focused on her career and personal growth.

Despite the challenges of fame, she continues to promote her authenticity and individuality, just like her famous parents.

Johnny Depp’s journey in the entertainment industry has been tumultuous, marked by both career successes and personal difficulties.

However, seeing his daughter find love and happiness brings him joy and affirms the importance of family relationships in overcoming the ups and downs of life.

As Lily-Rose and 070 Shake’s romance continues, fans eagerly await glimpses of their love story and celebrate the union of two individuals who find peace. comfort and friendship in each other’s arms.

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