The reason Eminem doesn’t give up his outdated Blackberry phone

Detroit, Michigan — The world of technology is a never-ending sprint, with each passing day bringing new gadgets, sleeker smartphones and smarter devices.

Eminem is still a loyal user of his Blackberry phone despite the network shutdown over two years ago

Yet amid this rapid evolution, one man remains resolute, critical of this relic of the past: Eminem, iconic rapper and lyrical genius.

The curious case of Slim Shady’s Blackberry

Imagine this:

Eminem, wearing his signature hoodie, leans over a table in a dimly lit recording studio.

His fingers hover over the keys of a device that seems out of place in our touchscreen-dominated age.


The 51-year-old rapper was spotted using the outdated device and typing on the phone’s small keyboard in an Instagram post shared by DJ Whoo Kid, 51, on Thursday

None other than Blackberry, the phone that once dominated boardrooms as well as corporate wallets.

But why, you ask? Why would a man who can afford any high-end smartphone cling to a defunct relic?

The answer lies in the mysterious mind of Marshall Mathers, the man behind the rap god.

A symphony full of emotions

Eminem is not just a rapper; he is a poet, a storyteller and a chronicler of life’s raw emotions.

His lyrics cut through the noise, dissecting pain, love and struggle.

And perhaps hidden in those verses is the secret of his steadfast loyalty to Blackberry.

Keyboard connection:

Do you miss the satisfying feeling of typing on physical keys?

The gentle click-clack sound of your thumbs dancing across the QWERTY keyboard?

For Eminem, that feeling is irreplaceable. The Blackberry keyboard is his muse—a symphony of nostalgia that fuels his creativity.

While touchscreens offer convenience, they lack the soulful rhythm of those tiny buttons.

Back in January 2022, key services were permanently shut down meaning that Eminem’s Blackberry device would only support calling and texting

The DJ wrote a caption about Eminem ‘trying to figure out’ who ate his food from his restaurant Mom’s Spaghetti in Detroit, Michigan and said: ‘And by the way, yes, he still has a Blackberry phone’

In DJ Whoo Kid’s post, he shared two other photos of a box of takeout from Eminem’s restaurant. The trio were showing their support for Mom’s Spaghetti after a negative review recently went viral


Eminem first opened Mom’s Spaghetti as a pop-up shop in 2017. Four years later, he opened a permanent location in its current spot; seen in 2020

Privacy in the digital storm:

In an age where privacy is a luxury, Blackberry whispers secrets to its users.

Its encrypted messages are like handwritten notes passed around in class—intimate, unfiltered, and untouchable by prying eyes.

Eminem, a man who bares his soul in his lyrics, cherishes this secret cocoon.

No iCloud hack or data breach could breach the fortress of his Blackberry.

The art of distraction:

Smartphones are pocket-sized black holes, sucking us into a vortex of notifications, memes, and infinite scrolling. But Blackberry?

It’s a minimalist’s dream. No distracting apps, no mindless swiping.

Just call, text, and occasionally play BrickBreaker. For Eminem, it was a refuge—a portal into a chaotic world.

Weird social media posts

If you follow Eminem on social media, you’ve probably come across his quirky posts.

Grainy photos, confusing captions and an unmistakable Blackberry in hand.

Fans scratched their heads wondering why he was clinging to a relic.

But maybe, just maybe, it’s a reminder that even in the digital age, authenticity thrives in imperfection.

Last verse

So next time you see Eminem using his outdated Blackberry, don’t scoff.

Instead, think of it as a rebellion – an ode to simpler times, a defiance against conformity.

In a world chasing the next big thing, Slim Shady stands firm, finding his way in life, one click at a time.

And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, the Blackberry holds the key to his next lyrical masterpiece.

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