A Jason Kelce Mural Made Totally of Duct Tape Has Fans in Awe

A fan paid tribute with a unique and creative portrait.

There are many talented fans of the Kelce brothers, and one, in particular,

is gaining attention for their stylish creations made entirely of duct tape,

one depicting Jason Kelce at the exciting post-Super Bowl bash and another showing his shirtless moment at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills.

The fan in question, whose Reddit username is ColinDetroit, shared their art on the popular site, referring to a moment on Jason and his brother Travis‘ podcast New Heights as he said, “When Travis said he wanted to see painting of Jason with his shirt off and inspired me to make these portraits of Jason out of duct tape. I hope you guys dig them.”

Both portraits featured a comic book-esque art style with bright colors and vivid imagery. Along with Jason, the first photo also featured DJ Marshmello and someone who looked to be Travis partially hidden behind his brother.

The artwork featured Jason wearing the iconic lucha libre mask from the night of the Super Bowl, along with his plaid overalls in the Chiefs’ colors. The second picture was of shirtless Jason bellowing with his arms out, beer in hand, while bright red shapes surrounded him.

“They say duct tape can do any job but damn I didn’t expect this! Amazing work!” wrote one fan stunned by the art, as another commented, “Never considered duct tape as a medium. Love it!”

Many more praised the artist, with comments encouraging them to send the art to the brothers and share how they might be able to buy this work, or similar duct tape creations from the fan.

Fans of the brothers continue to prove their talent, with a different New Heights listener creating a fantastic painting of shirtless Jason while using a football as the paintbrush. Only time will tell what else the creative fans come up with.


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