Ebon Moss-Bachrach Talks Taylor Swift’s Journey Remembering Richie at the Critics’ Choice Awards – Exclusive Insights From the Emmys

During the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday, Ebon Moss-Bachrach expressed his gratitude towards Taylor Swift for her indirect role in his award-winning performance on the comedy series The Bear. Although Swift didn’t make a cameo on the show, her song “Love Story” was featured in an episode with Moss-Bachrach singing it. In the same episode, Moss-Bachrach’s character, Richie, is seen trying to secure Swift concert tickets for his daughter and ex-wife.

The popular show “The Bear” has won five awards so far at the Primetime Emmys, putting HBO in the lead among networks. Stay tuned for live updates on winners. Check out some stunning photos from the Emmy Awards red carpet. After receiving a shout-out from the actor at the Critics Choice, Swift congratulated them on X.

Following his Emmy win for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Moss-Bachrach opened up about Richie’s character in that particular episode and the influence of Swift. He expressed gratitude for the well-written script, stating that it was a rare opportunity for him as an actor to portray a character experiencing such pure, unbridled joy and happiness. Celebrating moments like that was a unique and fulfilling experience for him.

Discussing Richie’s character development, which culminated in a heated argument with Carmy towards the end of Season 2, Moss-Bachrach shared that he strived to maintain the essence of the character throughout the show. Despite the changes in Richie’s circumstances and outlook, the actor focused on portraying his light, dignity, and growth as he navigated through challenges and revelations about his identity, relationships, and purpose. Moss-Bachrach emphasized the importance of staying true to Richie’s evolution while capturing the complex emotions and experiences that shaped his journey.

Moss-Bachrach received recognition at the Emmys for his performance in Season 1, and he was nominated for Season 2 at both the Globes and Critics Choice awards.

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