Kyle Kuzma Says Lakers Have The Best Fans In The World

Kyle Kuzma explains why Lakers fans are the best in the NBA.

Wizards swingman Kyle Kuzma recently looked back on his time with the Lakers, which spanned over four full seasons.

According to Kuzma, who has been with the Wizards since 2021, the Lakers have the best fans in the entire NBA and it’s a community unlike any other in the sports world.

“But this is the best fanbase in the world,” said Kuzma via Lakers Naion’s Corey Hansford. “They love their team, from one to 17. You feel it, you hear it, you see it online. It’s a tight-knit community here and if they love you, you’ll be global. And if they hate you, they’re gonna hate you too. You take it with it.”

Kyle Kuzma

Being a Laker is a unique experience in the NBA. Unlike other teams, even big market teams, the Lakers are constantly under the spotlight and the pressure to perform well and win games on a regular basis is higher than anywhere else.

As we’ve seen historically, some players can prosper in this environment. Stars like Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and now LeBron James have not only accepted the pressures of being a Laker, they’ve embraced it.

For others, it can be a struggle to play through the noise. In the case of Russell Westbrook, his fit on the court was so bad that his relationship with the fans, and his own teammates, turned toxic in the end, and only by leaving the Lakers was he able to find any solace.

In short, the Lake Show isn’t for everyone and it takes a special kind of player to thrive there. During his Lakers days, Kuzma was one of those who embodied the franchise culture well and there is some hope that he might return in the not-too-distant future.

No matter how you feel about Lakers fans, they might have good reason to be frustrated with the current situation. While most fanbases might be okay with being a play-in team, Lakers Nation is demanding better from the team and they’ve been showing some signs of life lately.

After narrowly escaping with a win over the Wizards on Thursday, the team moved up to 33-28 on the season but it’s not anywhere close to meeting expectations.

With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and D’Angelo Russell, the fans expected better from the Lakers this year and there is a lingering feeling that some big trades will be happening this offseason.

Whether it’s a new point guard or another wing shooter, the Lakers need all the help they can get right if they aim to catch teams like the Mavericks, Suns, and Pelicans for the final playoff spots.

But after making the West Finals last year, the Lakers are feeling good about their chances to make another deep playoff run. Assuming their guys stay healthy, and D’Angelo Russell keeps shooting the ball well, there’s no reason to believe the Lakers can’t contend with the best in a best-of-seven series.

Regardless of what happened, Lakers Nation will be there to watch, and witness, every step of the way. Good or bad, they will make their feelings known and anything less than excellence is considered total failure.

It’s not a culture that’s built for everyone, but it’s worked wonders for the Lakers so far, who have 17 championships to their name already. Kyle Kuzma’s LA tenure wasn’t a long one by any stretch, but he did just enough to understand what it means to be a Laker and he knows more than most of the pressure that comes with that.

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