NFL News: Patrick Mahomes frustrated with the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce decision

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes revealed after Thursday’s win over the Denver Broncos that the majority of Travis Kelce’s big plays come when the tight end ‘freestyles.’

‘No, there’s no plan to that at all,’ said Mahomes when analyzing Kelce’s role in the Chiefs’ latest victory.

‘So what happens is in practice Travis does it, and everybody laughs.

NFL News : Patrick Mahomes not Happy with NFL decision about Travis Kelce

‘They laugh at it and then all of a sudden, he just does it in a game and you’re just like if it works… ehh ok.’

Commentators have often suggested that Kelce, whose girlfriend Taylor Swift was in attendance for the win against the Broncos, tends to freestyle on the majority of his biggest plays, and instead of running a predesigned route the tight end simply runs whatever he feels like will get him open during a play.

Kelce’s apparent freestyling worked wonders in Thursday’s game against the Chiefs as the eight-time Pro Bowler finished the night with nine receptions for 124 yards.

More than 100 of Kelce’s total yards came in the first half of the 19-8 win over the Denver Broncos.

The 34-year-old also seemed to shrug off the pain from the sprained ankle that had put his availability for the contest in question.

Kelce will now be afforded a few extra days of rest to allow his ankle to heal before facing off against the Los Angeles Chargers next week.

Mahomes himself had a strong performance as well after finishing the game going 30-40 for 306 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. No word on how much freestyling Mahomes did himself while under center however.

The five-time Pro Bowl QB threw his one touchdown of the night to WR Kadarius Toney one a three-yard dart with just over three minutes remaining in the second quarter – Toney did not freestyle the route.

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