Taylor makes surprise announcement: Taylor Swift Sends Love to Travis Kelce with a heart hand demonstration during her electrifying performance in Singapore: ‘I Love Youuuuu, Travis!

Taylor Swift Sends Love to Travis Kelce

following a change to the setlist.

Each night on the tour, Taylor has been taking a moment out to make the grand show a little more intimate, playing surprise acoustic songs midway through.This time, she picked The Very First Night, from the Vault selections on Red (Taylor’s Version), and Labyrinth, from her latest full album Midnights.

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Travis Kelce Did Taylor Swift's Heart Hands Move to 'Spread That Love'

The latter pick has Swifties convinced that Taylor and Travis’ recent companionship might be about to go to the next level into a full-blown romantic relationship.It’s all because the Labyrinth lyrics contain the line, ‘Oh no, I’m falling in love again’ – and Taylor’s devotees are convinced it was a message to Travis.

Swifties are known for cooking up numerous theories about the messages in Taylor’s songs and performances – some of them outrageous, others not so much.

‘Travis Kelce, I adore you for this,’ one fan wrote, remarking that it was a real pleasure to see Taylor happily singing love songs again on stage.The theory was backed up by others watching the video footage: ‘She’s falling in love again and with Travis Kelce so she’s happy when she sings this song.’

‘My thoughts exactly!’ one fan excitedly wrote. ‘We owe Travis big time for seeing her like this,’ thanking the Kansas City Chiefs player.

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