“Who You With?”: Mother Sonya Caught Stephen Curry Off Guard During Intense Battle vs Seth In 2019

What’s a mother to do when she has two sons in the NBA and they are facing off against each other on the same floor? This was the dilemma Sonya Curry, the mother of Stephen Curry and Seth Curry faced in 2019. For the first time, the ‘Royal Family’ of the NBA had a tough nut to crack during the Western Conference Finals.

Seth was coming after missing the entire 2017-18 season due to a stress reaction on his leg. And their eldest, Steph, was chasing his fourth title. So, the parents were in a real cul-de-sac this time. But mothers have a solution for every problem, don’t they?

The mother of the Curry family got a little help from a close friend to solve her problem. Michelle Brink, a Portland resident, put a little twist by stitching together her sons’ jerseys from both teams. But now, the parents had another hurdle – who would wear which side on the front? This time, their daughter, Sydel Curry-Lee, came to their rescue. She taped a coin with the letters ‘P’ and ‘W’ on either side and flipped it. Sonya landed with a P and ended up wearing the Blazers No. 31 while her husband wore the Warriors No. 30 to the game.

Of course, the back of these jerseys had their other son’s number on them. Unfortunately, ‘Chef Curry’ wasn’t given the memo. And when he looked up at the stand where his mother was sitting, after landing a 3 to give his Dubs an early 10-point lead, he was caught off-guard.

On Steph’s way to the post-game interview, he said, “I usually look up there, but it caught me off guard because I saw her in Blazers jersey. She obviously didn’t know what I was saying, but I was yelling, ‘Who you with?’ after that shot.”

Sophie’s Choice – Or Sonya’s?

Throughout the game, the Curry family was unusually quiet. Talking about the experience, Sonya said that they loved being completely engaged with their sons’ games. But this time it wasn’t exactly easy seeing that it was both of them on the opposing teams. While it was easy to cheer when either of them played well, critiquing any one team seemed to be a direct jab at her sons.

Despite it all, there can only be one winner. The Warriors crushed the Blazers 116-94 in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Although Seth Curry had his moments, his parents were purely happy and in admiration of their second-born for making it to the court after being sidelined for a full season. As for Stephen Curry, he said that he understood the kind of stress his parents must have been under.

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