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Joe Rogan, the well-known voice of reason and curiosity, has recently unleashed a powerful call to action in defense of Maui residents. He’s taken a stand against elites who are greedily eyeing the land of these islanders, questioning the audacity of anyone trying to snatch away their homes, especially during their most vulnerable moments.

The people of Maui, particularly in Lahaina, are deeply troubled by the looming possibility that their ancestral lands might be taken by the state.

But here’s the twist: it’s not just the government at play here. Wealthy real estate investors, developers, and elites are also in the mix, making enticing offers for the fire-ravaged land. So, join us as we unravel the compelling story of post-tragedy Maui, where forces both public and private seem determined to grab a piece of paradise from its rightful owners. Just recently, Joe Rogan invited Tulsi Gabbard, who represented Hawaii’s second congressional district in the U.S. from 2013 to 2021, to his show, “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

During their conversation, they delved into the response to the devastating fires that struck Maui. What’s really eye-opening is that Joe Rogan brought up some concerning allegations about someone attempting to take away the land belonging to Maui’s residents. And surprisingly, Tulsi confirmed Joe’s suspicions right there on the show. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. The folks on the show, including Joe and Tulsi, didn’t take kindly to the idea of snatching land affected by the Maui wildfires for things like workforce housing or a memorial.

They saw it as morally wrong and a breach of people’s rights and sovereignty. This news hit the public like a bolt from the blue. People felt that discussing taking over this land right after a terrible tragedy showed a shocking lack of empathy and timing. It felt like an abuse of power and a disregard for the suffering of those affected. Tulsi Gabbard didn’t stop there. She also shed light on the lack of government help for the communities hit by the Maui wildfires.

In the aftermath, neighbors and families had to lean on each other for support and supplies because the government didn’t step in. Tulsi even hopped on a plane from the main airport in Maui to a smaller one near the affected area to deliver much-needed supplies to the community dealing with the aftermath of the wildfires. As if that wasn’t enough, towards the end of last year, Oprah Winfrey made headlines once again by acquiring two 10-acre pieces of land, each for just a hundred thousand dollars. This purchase stirred up quite a mix of reactions from the local residents.

Did Joe Rogan Confront Oprah Winfrey and The Rock About Maui Wildfires? |

Some were concerned that this acquisition might contribute to the displacement of native Hawaiians. It’s worth noting that Oprah already owned over 100 acres of land in Maui, which means she now boasts ownership of roughly 1,000 acres on the island. Now, here’s where the public’s frustration really kicks in. Instead of trying to push out the residents who’ve been through so much, people are wondering why the government doesn’t make use of some of Oprah’s land instead. It’s almost like a logical solution staring them in the face. These offers are being labeled as predatory by experts, mainly because they’re taking advantage of the people’s misfortune and desperation.

This has led local authorities to step in and take action to protect residents who are not only dealing with the loss of their loved ones but also the loss of their homes and livelihoods due to these catastrophic wildfires. Thankfully, some heroes have stepped in to protect Maui’s people and their land. They’re shouting it loud and clear: “Maui is not up for sale!” One of these heroes is a law professor named Troy Andrade. He’s working his socks off to educate and shield Maui residents from these sneaky tricks.

Joe Rogan EXPOSES How The Hollywood Elites Like Oprah Want To STEAL Land In Maui - YouTube

The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs has raised a big red flag about these tricky real estate pitches. They’re warning folks in Maui to be careful. This is where Joe Rogan stepped in, boldly calling out the elites for their shady dealings. Let’s face it, losing your loved ones, your homes, and even your land all at once is an incredibly heart-wrenching experience. In the face of adversity, Maui residents are standing strong, united in their determination to protect their homes, their land, and their way of life. It’s a battle to keep Maui in the hands of the people who call it home. They’re calling for unity, telling everyone to spread the word and stand tall to save Maui from those who want to snatch it away.

Maui belongs to its people, and they’re ready to fight to keep it that way. So, what do you think about this wild situation in Maui? Share your thoughts below.

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