Mariah Carey Reveals Real Reason For Jennifer Lopez Feud In New Memoir-be

In Mariah Carey’s latest memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” the music icon sheds light on her longstanding rift with Jennifer Lopez, shedding new insight into the origins of their strained relationship.

Carey reveals that her ex-husband, Tommy Mottola, who was also the CEO of Sony Music at the time, allegedly attempted to derail her career after their split in 1997. According to Carey, Mottola tried to sabotage her by providing a sample of her own music, originally used in her hit track “Loverboy,” to another female artist on their label, whom Carey claims she does not know.

Mariah Carey Reveals Real Reason For Jennifer Lopez Feud In New Memoir

This revelation implies that Mottola intended to use Carey’s own music sample for Jennifer Lopez, sparking tensions between the two pop stars. The conflict escalated around the time of Carey’s movie “Glitter,” during which Mottola and his label reportedly enlisted Lopez to produce a single using the same sample. Lopez’s hit song “I’m Real” featured a snippet of the sample originally used by Carey, further fueling the controversy.

Carey attributes many of the issues surrounding “Glitter” to Mottola, alleging that he harbored resentment over their divorce and her departure from Sony Music. She claims that Mottola utilized his power and connections to retaliate against her.

Mariah Carey Shades Jennifer Lopez In Memoir: How Their Feud Began –  Hollywood Life

In response to Carey’s revelations, Jennifer Lopez addressed the rumored feud during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” in 2018. Lopez denied any personal animosity towards Carey, stating that while she had heard negative comments attributed to Carey, they had never met and she harbored no ill will towards her. Lopez expressed admiration for Carey’s talent and expressed a desire to meet and potentially become friends with her.

Overall, Carey’s memoir offers new insights into the complex dynamics of her relationships within the music industry, shedding light on the origins of her feud with Jennifer Lopez and the challenges she faced during a tumultuous period in her career.

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