David Corenswet’s Superman Stuns Even Henry Cavill’s Fans in Jaw-Dropping Fanmade Poster

And we can’t ignore David Corenswet’s sharp jawline, dazzling blue eyes, and confident stance, making him a natural fit for the role.

With the recent surge in popularity of superhero films and TV shows, fans have been getting their fill of iconic characters like Superman. And while Henry Cavill has earned his fair share of accolades for his performance as the Man of Steel, a new contender has come into the ring: David Corenswet.

In a new fanmade poster posted to social media, the Pearl star, 30, can be seen donning the famous Superman costume, and fans are unable to resist praising how good he looks in the iconic getup. It is understandable why fans are clamoring for Corenswet to play the role, given his chiseled jawline and uncanny likeness to the original comic book hero.

David Corenswet in Hollywood

Yet, a single minor point has piqued the attention of fans and left them itching for more. The Superman logo on Corenswet’s chest is black in the fan-made poster instead of the customary yellow. While the black symbol certainly brings a contemporary flair to the classic costume, fans are compelled to feel that a yellow emblem would enhance the overall appearance.

David Corenswet’s Superman Fan Art Has Henry Cavill Fans Talking

Superman: Legacy, which is slated to open in theaters in the summer of 2025, will present David Corenswet as the Man of Steel in the DCU. The character’s first public look has not yet been made public and will not happen until March 2024, when the movie’s filming gets underway. For the time being, fan art—such as a new poster created by artist Blue Bumblebee via DCU Updates—will give fans the best sneak peek.

When word leaked out that Superman would not be played by Henry Cavill in James Gunn’s upcoming much-awaited DCU flick, fans were heartbroken. Subsequently, there were rumors and conjectures regarding the potential casting of the next Clark Kent, which ultimately led to The Politician star.

Henry Cavill as Superman in BvS

Many fans were overjoyed to hear this news because of Corenswet’s striking resemblance to Cavill.  However, some fans remained devastated and doubtful that the former could carry on the legacy with the same brilliance.

Well, this is for Cavill’s fans. Corenswet was seen sporting the same superhero costume that Cavill wore during his time in the DCEU in a recently fan-made image. And he looked absolutely perfect. Fans of The Witcher star could not help but compliment Corenswet on how good he looked in the recognizable costume.

Fans Hooked On David Corenswet’s Superman Suit; Want Yellow Over Black In The Symbol 

However, one detail in the fan-made poster has sparked debate among fans: the artist’s decision to swap the traditional yellow symbol on Superman’s chest with a vibrant black one. While the black symbol adds a modern twist to the classic costume, fans can not help but think that a yellow emblem would enhance the look even better.

Superman: Legacy is slated to star David Corenswet as the DCU’s Man of Steel!

The yellow symbol is long associated with Superman, representing hope, truth, and justice. Fans believe that incorporating this color into David Corenswet’s costume would not only pay homage to the character’s origins but also elevate his portrayal to new heights.

Let’s hear some voices from fans via X:

As the debate among fans continues, one thing’s for sure: irrespective of the color of the symbol, Corenswet’s take on Superman is undeniably impressive. The actor looked flawless and certainly convinced the hearts of fans, leaving them eagerly awaiting to see him don the red cape on the big screen. And who knows, maybe a yellow and red symbol would be the cherry on top of an already flawless portrayal.

Mark your calendars; James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will be released on July 11, 2025.

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