From Goodwill to Millions: Henry Cavill’s Surprising Journey Before Raking in Over $14 Million as Superman

In the world of Hollywood, fame normally ends up changing even the humblest of people. While that has been the case for many stars in history, it was not what happened to Henry Cavill.

Although the star was slowly making his way to success, he did not seem to hesitate to help out a neighbor in need of a special task. The actor may have chosen to keep his past out of the spotlight. However, a writer once put the star in the center of it all.

Before the stunning Cavill ended up making $14 million as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, he once did an odd job out of his own free will.

Henry Cavill’s adorable part-time role before Superman

In 2013, Henry Cavill might have broken his bank account with his Man of Steel check. However, a few years earlier, things were different for him. Apart from doubting his acting career due to not landing a role, he also had to hustle to pay his bills. Even through his struggles, it was revealed that the actor had chosen to take up a rather odd job to help out his neighbor. According to reports from a Yahoo! writer, it was revealed that he had walked her rescued malamute.

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The author claimed that her dog, Buddy, had immediately taken to Cavill during a walk in West Hollywood. Ever since their fortunate meeting, the now 40-year-old had apparently repeatedly offered to lend a helping hand and walk the writer’s pet. However, it was not until later that she finally took him up on it. She went on to reveal that she felt like a “bystander” in the actor’s friendship with the dog.

It comes as no surprise that Henry Cavill loves animals. After all, ever since his ultimate traveling companion, Kal, entered the actor’s life, he has taken over the star’s life.

Henry Cavill’s relationship with his dog Kal

In 2011, Henry Cavill decided it was time for him to become a pet parent. He ended up adopting an American Akita named Kal and just fell in love with him. Apart from sharing pictures of his puppy on social media, the actor also ensured that he was accustomed to traveling with him and even going on hikes. He even wound up making his way to The Witcher set in 2019 when the show began.

However, Kal was not allowed to join Cavill on the set of Argylle. After all, with a cat on set, it would have been absolute chaos if the actor’s dog had joined the mix. However, with the star on to his next project, fans might see the 40-year-old and his sidekick take over social media with another travel snap once again.

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