Henry Cavill Is Making The Wrong Warhammer Show ( The Witcher Proves It)

Henry Cavill’s planned Warhammer 40,000 Amazon TV series is exciting for the game’s many millions of fans, but it may not be the right choice.

Henry Cavill’s planned Warhammer TV series with Amazon Studios is an incredibly exciting prospect for the game’s many legions of fans, but the actor’s track record proves that the proposed 40k adaptation isn’t the right place to start. The Warhammer universe is an extended multimedia franchise built up over decades, encompassing tabletop miniatures, videogames, novels, and more. As a result, there is plenty of inspiration for Cavill and Amazon to draw upon. However, the plan to use Warhammer’s futuristic 40,000 setting could result in a major missed opportunity.

There’s no doubt that the as-yet-untitled Warhammer TV series is a genuine passion project for Cavill. The 40-year-old Superman star has been a fan of the hobby since childhood, collecting and painting figurines for battle to this day. As he explained in an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, “It is the greatest privilege of my professional career to have this opportunity… There is no greater reason that I joined the industry than doing something like this.” However, despite his obvious dedication, there is an even better Warhammer TV opportunity that would suit Cavill’s talents as a performer.

The long-gestating Warhammer 40k adaptation is finally moving forward, and Henry Cavill is attached to the project along with several other updates.

Henry Cavill Should Make A Warhammer Fantasy Show, Not 40k

a heavily armored Warhammer warrior alongside an image of Henry Cavill in Argylle

A custom wallpaper of Henry Cavill as a Space Marine in Warhammer 40,000.

Henry Cavill in Warhammer

A composite image of Henry Cavill and Warhammer 40k figures

Henry Cavil And Warhammer custom image

Given that any live-action Warhammer show will be breaking new ground, Cavill’s plans are already exciting. However, rather than creating a show set in the futuristic Warhammer 40,000 universe, a better option for Cavill and Amazon would be to create a series within Warhammer’s original fantasy setting. Predating 40k by four years, the Warhammer Fantasy world draws heavily on the lore of authors like Tolkien and Michael Moorcock, revolving around massive armies, mighty heroes, and magic. Not only is its history arguably richer than 40k, but Warhammer Fantasy has the added benefit of experiencing a major popularity increase.

Although the original fantasy game was officially discontinued by creators Games Workshop in 2015, the setting has lived on through the hugely successful Warhammer: Total War video games. The impact of these games, which now span three separate releases, has increased Warhammer Fantasy’s mass appeal, introducing new fans to the lore and legacy of the original game. Furthermore, Games Workshop has since brought back the fantasy setting with its 2024 game The Old World. This combination means that a Warhammer Fantasy TV show would be the ideal way to capitalize on increased interest – and Cavill is the perfect man to do it.

The Witcher Proves Cavill Is Perfect For Warhammer Fantasy

Henry Cavill Discusses Warhammer 40K Movie

While Cavill clearly has a personal connection to Warhammer 40,000 his acting resume proves that a Fantasy TV show would be his best chance at success. As Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s hit The Witcher series, Cavill has already proven he can lead a high-fantasy TV show beloved by legions of fans. His performance in the series was so popular that he is now seen by many as the definitive Geralt, making news of Cavill’s departure even more upsetting. This experience proves beyond doubt that he has what it takes to lead a Warhammer Fantasy show.

In some ways, Amazon choosing to focus on Warhammer 40k makes sense. After all, the majority of Games Workshop’s sales come from their Space Marine range set within the game, so appealing to this audience is a shrewd tactical decision. However, the combination of factors like the Warhammer: Total War games, the release of The Old World, and Cavill’s obvious suitability for a leading role means that not making a fantasy Warhammer show could come to be considered a major missed opportunity.

Source: Happy Sad Confused

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