Movie blockbuster: Henry Cavill sparked rumors of joining the X-Men universe, making fans crazy

Rumors are rife about actor Henry Cavill playing Cyclops in the upcoming Marvel projects on X-Men.

While there’s no word on that from either the actor or the production studio, scoopers and industry insiders believe that Cavill is joining hands with the MCU after his exit from the Superman role.

Henry Cavill may be playing Cyclops in MCU’s X-Men (Image via Instagram)

Cavill had expressed his interest in playing another superhero role in many of his interviews. However, they expressed the actor’s desire and were not conclusive and official statements.

While there was a lot of expectation about the actor reprising the role of Doctor Doom, social media rumors about Cavill as Cyclops have added excitement among fans.

X-Men, who were the property of 20th Century Fox, are now officially part of MCU and Disney. However, there’s no hint about their appearance anytime soon. The owners of the franchise may be pushing the X-Men reboot after MCU Phase 6.

Fanart and industry scoopers believe Henry Cavill will be playing Cyclops in the X-Men

Whispers are doing rounds about Henry Cavill slated to play Cyclops. As such, his crossing over to Marvel Studios from DC Studios has been speculated for some years since DC chief James Dunn announced his new casting for Superman.

While Henry Cavill’s fans have been speculating about the roles that fit the talented actor, the rumor about him playing Cyclops had started, thanks to fanart released on the social media pages of the actor’s fans.

Fans dressed up the actor in Cyclops’ signature visor and mask, with the first art arriving as early as 2022.

At the time, Henry Cavill was awaiting his portrayal as the Man of Steel in Black Adam and had no intention of joining Marvel Studios. Around the same time, Kevin Feige had announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that Kang the Conqueror was set to be the mega villain in MCU Phases 5 and 6.

However, the recent claims come from unknown industry insiders, who allege that Henry Cavill has joined Marvel Studios to play another superhero. Whether, Cavill has actually signed up to portray Cyclops or as some other character is not yet known.

Who is Cyclops among the X-Men?

Scott Summers AKA Cyclops is the superhero from Marvel Comics and a member of the group of X-Men. The fictional character, created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, is a mutant, a human born with superhuman qualities. Each member of the X-Men is a mutant with different abilities.

Scott Summers’ super ability is emitting powerful beams of light from his eyes, called “optic beams”. He needs to wear a special visor and eyewear to cover his eyes at all other times to refrain from inadvertently hurting other creatures and his surroundings.

He’s one of the founding members of the X-Men and one of the group’s primary leaders. He’s also a special favourite of Professor X, who handpicked his team of mutants.

Cyclops has been featured in all series of The Mutants and the X-Men, either as a permanent or a recurring character.

What other roles could Henry Cavill play in MCU?

Henry Cavill as Superman (Image via WB)

Henry Cavill became famous for playing the DC superhero, Clark Kent in 2013. The actor, who has worked both on large and small screen, was widely acclaimed for his portrayal of the Kryptonian Man of Steel.

With David Corenswet slated to play the flying superhero in DCEU’s reboot projects, Cavill is speculated to be crossing over to the MCU. Initially, the buzz centred around the Clark Kent actor pulled in to play Doctor Doom in MCU Phase 6.

However, with fanart and subsequent rumors doing rounds about Cavill playing Cyclops, excitement abounds among fans waiting to see the Witcher actor suit up as another superhero. Cavil, though, had expressed a desire to play Captain Britain, Brian Braddock, in a 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

While Marvel Studios is reportedly working on an X-Men reboot for MCU, there’s no official news about the characters and actors as yet. Whether Superman actor Henry Cavill is one of them remains to be seen.

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