Jennifer Lopez shocked when she showed off her offensive and obscene body on stage (H)

At the Fashion Rocks concert on Tuesday night, Jennifer Lopez showcased their audacious fashion choices and provocative dancing.

JLo clearly took the lead in the fashion arena by donning a tiny metallic dress paired with equally shiny lingerie bottoms, which is not surprising given her recent hit song titled Booty.

Spectacular displays: Jennifer Lopez delivered provocative and captivating performances at the Fashion Rocks concert in New York on Tuesday evening.

During her act, Jennifer, who is 45 years old, mesmerized the crowd as she skillfully moved and danced, often with her back facing the audience, perfectly syncing her movements with the lyrics of her appropriately titled song.

The former “fly girl” showcased her stunning attire consisting of beautiful elbow-high black gloves and sleek black boots, and she styled her tinted locks into a chic high ponytail.

With her captivating makeup, the star added a touch of drama to her look by adorning herself with a long choker embellished with a series of interconnected chains that elegantly cascaded down her chest.

Catch the eye: JLo stole the spotlight while showcasing her skills alongside a dashing ensemble of male dancers dressed to impress.

Performance Time: The 45-year-old absolutely stole the show with her daring ensemble.

Getting the music flowing: The ex-dancer swirled her hair through the air.

Take a glance at the girl: JLo certainly caught the eyes of the men supporting her. In a similar fashion, Nicki, age 31, playfully revealed her underwear in a mini skirt while proudly displaying her cleavage with a sequinned bra and platform boots.

With her hair elegantly swept back into a high ponytail, the talented rapper, famous for her hit song “Super Bass,” confidently presented her behind to the audience as she gracefully stepped onto a prop chair.

Nicki also delivered a performance of her own anthem, aptly named “Anaconda,” which, much like JLo’s popular lyrics, included witty references to her curvaceous posterior.

Clicking incessantly: Even while basking in the spotlight, Jennifer ensured the constant capture of her every move on stage.

Getting lost in the music: The artist appeared completely engrossed in the present moment as she gracefully moved across the stage, exuding a seductive aura.

Sensationally alluring! Jennifer fearlessly showcased her shapely figure while gracefully strutting across the stage.

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