Kim Kardashian & Hailey Bieber play Truth or Shot & make ice cream sundaes | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

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Welcome, everyone, to another episode of “Who’s in My Bathroom,” brought to you by Gopuff! Today, we have yet another exciting guest in the bathroom, none other than Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian & Hailey Bieber play Truth or Shot & make ice cream sundaes  | WHO'S IN MY BATHROOM? - YouTube

[Kim enters with applause]

Host: Oh my God, Kim, your bathroom is amazing! Welcome, thank you so much for being here!

Kim: Of course, thank you for having me! So exciting!

Host: As you know, we like to ask each guest what their favorite food is or what they want to eat in the bathroom, and you requested ice cream!

Kim: Ice cream, I love ice cream! I’m a vegan at home, but when I leave home, especially when I’m at “Who’s in My Bathroom,” not vegan. But we did have vegan options for you, just in case.

Host: Great! So, we’ve got Ben and Jerry’s, although we love. What’s your special mix?

Kim: I think I’ll go with chocolate chip cookie dough, a little bit of caramel, maybe some peanut M&M’s, Oreos, and dibs on top.

Host: That sounds delicious, the Kim special!

Kim: Right? It’s the vibe!

Host: We’ve known each other for so long, Kim. I remember when I moved in with my mom, and I got to live with Kendall and Kylie when they were 17 and 18. Good times!

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Kim: Definitely, we go way back!

Host: I want to talk about your journey launching a company. I saw every stage of that and was so proud of you. Remember when I tested out all my skincare products at church, and you said my skin had never looked better?

Kim: Yes! I remember leaving there feeling so confident. And you were the first person I called for advice when I launched my company.

Host: Aw, thanks! You have such a busy life, managing multiple businesses and four beautiful kids. How do you find balance?

Kim: Morning workouts give me peace of mind, and I’ve learned to embrace chaos and wing it. When you have a lot of responsibility, you just have to stay focused.

Host: Speaking of truth, we’re playing a drinking game, “Truth or Shot”!

Kim: Let’s get spicy in the bathroom!

Host: Alright, truth or shot: What’s better, angry sex or makeup sex?

Kim: Makeup sex, definitely!

Host: What turns you on the most?

Kim: Kissing!

Host: What gives you the “ick”?

Kim: Hygiene issues, for sure.

Host: Who would you call to bury a body?

Kim: You!

Host: What was your worst date ever?

Kim: takes a shot

Host: Have you ever joined the mile-high club?

Kim: Yes!

Host: What’s something you’re glad your mom doesn’t know about you?

Kim: She knows everything!

Host: Who is the most surprising person to ever slide into your DMs?

Kim: Honestly, I’ve never had anyone slide into my DMs.

Host: Alright, last question: If you had to choose, who is your current celebrity crush?

Kim: laughs Let’s keep that private.

Host: Fair enough!

Kim: I think I won!

Host: Yup, you did! So, I have to take a photo of you for my Instagram story.

Kim: This has been so much fun! Thanks for having me!

Host: Thank you, Kim, and thank you all for watching another amazing episode of “Who’s in My Bathroom,” brought to you by Gopuff!

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