Tom Holland Spilled ‘No Way Home’ Co-star Benedict Cumberbatch’s Secrets After Impressive Oscar-Winning Film

Tom Holland revealed the secret technique of Benedict Cumberbatch that helped him overcome his fear of crying.

When it comes to keeping secrets, Tom Holland may not be the keeper. Why? Because he is the person behind spilling some of the biggest secrets of the MCU. He doesn’t do it intentionally, but that’s for sure, our Spider-Man is not good at hiding them.

Tom Holland in The Crowded RoomTom Holland in The Crowded Room

Recently, he told Dr. Strange actor’s secrets too. In an interview, Holland was asked, “Who’s a trusted acting friend, peer, confidant who you listen to believe that they’re telling you the truth?”

The first expected name he took is “Zendaya.” And it shouldn’t be a surprise, as, after all, he never leaves a chance to share small tokens of love. He continued, saying she’s probably the most honest with him, which he loves.

Holland also mentioned RDJ’s name. He said that he loves Downey Jr. and he really respects Downey’s opinion. Last but not least, the 27-year-old also took Benedict Cumberbatch’s name.

Tom Holland Reveals Benedict Cumberbatch’s Secrets

Spider-ManSpider-Man No Way Home Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch

There’s no doubt Tom Holland respects Benedict Cumberbatch’s opinions equally, but while getting true to what he feels for Cumberbatch, Holland revealed his secrets. The actor said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that his No Way Home co-star is someone that he asks for advice about acting a lot.

He then started explaining the phase where he was really “struggling to cry,” which affected him on set. He “really just worry about crying scenes and worry and worry and worry.” The Last Call star continued,

“There’s that beautiful scene at the end of The Imitation Game where he [Cumberbatch] breaks down.”
Holland was lucky to work with The Courier star in 2017’s A Current War, so that’s when he asked Cumberbatch,
“How did you do that? Did you draw from your own personal emotions or is there a technique that you do?” He then said, “The technique that he [Cumberbatch] told me was thing he’s able to do with his diaphragm, which is almost like laughing.” 
The UK native explained how Cumberbatch had taught him to overcome his fear of crying, and now, because of him, he loves the crying scenes.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Secret Technique Explained by Tom Holland

Tom Holland and Benedict CumberbatchTom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch
Tom Holland then explained the technique (in the same interview) that Benedict Cumberbatch told him:
I’m probably giving away his secrets. He showed me on set, and we were just hanging out having a coffee. He would do this thing where he would simulate laughing and breathe really, really quickly that it brings the emotion to the surface. Then you take it and ride the wave from there. Fuck, I started doing that and I love crying scenes now. I love it. I feel really confident and it’s something that I have in my wheelhouse. I don’t have to draw on past experiences or personal matters anymore.”

That’s not the first time Holland ever spoke about someone’s secrets. He even revealed the whole script to Chris Pratt before he went on to read it by himself. Yes right. He unintentionally revealed the plot of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to Chris Pratt, who later featured in the film.

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