Audiences complained about security at Taylor Swift’s show in Singapore

Many spectators reported being jostled and pushed. Therefore, security work has been strengthened to avoid a recurrence.

Taylor Swift biểu diễn ở Singapore vào ngày 2/3

Taylor Swift performs in Singapore on March 2

Organizers said security measures will be enhanced for Taylor Swift’s remaining shows in Singapore, until they end on March 9. Barriers have been placed in all areas near the stage to ensure there is no more jostling or pushing.

The ticket price for the area near the stage, with the best view of Taylor Swift, is 1,228 USD (more than 30.5 million VND, according to the exchange rate on March 5), called the VIP1 package. The rear areas have poorer visibility, due to the lack of floor elevation.


Alina, an audience member who bought tickets for the VIP1 area, said that many people from other locations flocked to her area, making the place crowded. The security guard didn’t know what to do, so there was jostling and pushing.

Alina said: “At one point, I found it very difficult to breathe. A group of girls barged in, shouting loudly in my ear. When Taylor Swift sang Tolerate it, one girl even put her hand on my shoulder, asking me to move because She couldn’t see ahead.” This situation lasted for 3 hours, making Alina feel like her money was a waste.

Calista Wong (23 years old), who also bought a ticket for VIP1, said there was an argument with some people pushing and invading her space. The situation was so tense that security forces had to be present to resolve it.

Jacqueline Ngor (18 years old) said when Taylor Swift appeared, a lot of people tried to push forward. Towards the end of the program, the aisles became more crowded with people.

Rào chắn được tăng cường ở khu VIP1 sau khi có phản ánh của khán giả

The barrier was strengthened in the VIP1 area after feedback from the audience

Kallang Alive Sport Management (KASM, which manages the Singapore National Stadium and other parts of the Singapore Sports Hub), said manpower and barriers were added. After that, this unit did not receive any similar feedback and committed to trying to bring the best experience to the audience in the remaining nights.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Singapore takes place on March 2 – 4 and 7 – 9, expected to help Singapore earn 500 million USD from services such as accommodation, dining…

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