At the age of 34, Taylor Swift is currently the most expensive artist on the planet with an influence beyond musical boundaries. In his latest interview as “Person of the Year” voted by TIME magazine, the American superstar shared emotional stories about his personal and professional life. In particular, she also revealed interesting stories about her new love and the global “fever” The Eras Tour.

Over the years, TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year” titles have tended to follow certain patterns. The chosen person is usually a man, who leads traditional fields of power such as politics, finance, business, etc. However, the influential figure honored by TIME in 2023 belongs to the field unprecedented. For the first time in voting history, this title of the prestigious American magazine belongs to music star Taylor Swift. Representing factors that almost counterbalance traditional forms of power, the blonde singer has completely dominated the past year, from entertainment to economics, from traditional forms of media to hottest social networking platforms.

Not just catchy melodies or beautiful lyrics, her music is also a commitment and confirmation for the dreams, emotions and experiences of everyone, especially women – those who feel Their emotions and voices have always been underestimated. Along with Barbie and Beyoncé’s “The Renaissance” tour, Taylor Swift ushered in a period where the world was “forced” to listen to stories about women, by women and told by women.

At the peak of that unprecedented fame, Taylor Swift had the opportunity to look back on the past, share about important changes in her life, as well as learn many valuable experiences for herself.

Faith is much stronger than it was 6 years ago

The time 6 years ago is always a period that Taylor Swift or the European and American entertainment fan community can hardly forget, because it marked the most impressive comeback for an artist. Talking about Taylor Swift’s 2017 comeback, it certainly has to start with the “historic” scandal between the blonde singer and the couple Ye (Kanye West) – Kim Kardashian. The edited recording and Kim Kardashian calling Taylor a “poisonous snake” sparked a wave of boycotts of the young singer around the world. From being the most sought-after and beloved global superstar, Taylor Swift became a name that was hated, ridiculed, and had to constantly endure attacks from her colleagues, the public, and the media.


Until now, when sharing about the incident for the first time after many years, the blonde beauty still cannot help but feel bitter: “I let them climb up and take me down. You guys had the perfect plan, with the phone call being illegally recorded, and Kim Kardashian editing it and releasing it to tell everyone I was a liar. That affected my psychology more seriously than at any time before. I had to move to a foreign country. I didn’t step foot out of my rented house for a year. I’m scared to answer the phone. I have distanced myself from everyone because I no longer dare to trust anyone. Really, I was devastated. It was a very difficult time.”

From the peak of fame, Taylor Swift fell so deeply that people believed she would never be able to get back up. Then the album “reputation” was released in 2017 and made the whole world admire it. Taylor used the ugly “poisonous snake” nickname that Kim gave her to rebuild her entire career that seemed irreversible. And when she returned to the limelight, she was still nervous and insecure, and no longer appeared publicly like she did in “1989”. But the current Taylor is more confident than ever. Without hesitation or fear, the Sagittarius girl has truly found the motivation to face all the consequences that the “throne” she is sitting on can bring: “I have been scrutinized by public opinion. a lot over the past 20 years. I was given a crown, only to have it cruelly taken away. At the age of 33, it feels like I’m on a new peak. And for the first time in my life, I have the strength to face all that comes with that.”


Longing to escape the dark past

From 2017 to 2022, Taylor appeared publicly about 55 times. But in 2023 alone, she appeared publicly 73 times (not including tours). There have been many rumors about this “unexpected” dynamic of the female singer: due to the end of the separation period, due to work requirements, due to no longer being in a relationship that requires too much privacy, … But whatever the reason, we cannot deny that Taylor Swift is now returning to the person she was before the 2016 scandal happened: a superstar who is always confident, beautiful, and has a “classy” aura. ” whether attending a big event or just walking around.

In particular, her publicly showing her affection for Travis Kelce (famous NFL player) created a “Big Bang” that surprised the public. Speaking out for the first time about her new love story, Taylor was very open: “It all started when Travis introduced me in a very adorable way on his podcast. We went out right after. So we actually spent a significant amount of time together without anyone knowing. I’m so grateful that we got to know each other that way. When I went to watch the match for the first time, we were already a couple. Many people must have thought that that match was our first date. In fact, we will never be neurotic enough to do so!”

While Taylor’s most recent relationship was kept almost completely private, it was the complete opposite with Travis. What makes her happiest is that there is nothing to hide in this relationship: “When a relationship is public, it means I get to see him doing the things he loves. We show each other affection, other people are there and we don’t care. On the contrary, you will have to put in a lot of effort to make sure that no one knows that you are dating. And we can only be proud for just the two of us.”


In fact, Taylor has not been shy about publicly showing her support and love for Travis. Appearing at football matches, attending parties, taking intimate public photos, changing song lyrics to “show off” her boyfriend,… The country music princess has now learned how to enjoy every moment. moments without worrying too much about other people’s reactions: “Over the years, I’ve realized that I don’t have time for unimportant things. Yes, if I go out to dinner, it will be chaos outside the restaurant. But I still want to go out to dinner with friends. Life is short and adventures are many. I locked myself in my house for many years. I will never go back to that time again.”


The stage is… home

44 songs over 3 hours, 16 costume changes, more than 80 million ticket hunters worldwide… “The Eras Tour” is not simply the most expensive tour of all time, but it is also the most expensive tour of all time. The clearest testament to Taylor’s endless love for the stage and her fans. To be healthy enough to perform for nearly 4 hours continuously, the “Anti-Hero” singer had to practice rigorously for 6 months before the tour started: “Every day, I run on the treadmill, singing loudly.” entire set list of songs. Run fast for fast songs and jog or walk briskly for slow songs. After that, I had three months of dancing, because I wanted to be as skilled as possible. I want to practice thoroughly so I can act silly with fans without forgetting the moves.”

And after each leg of 3 to 4 consecutive shows, Miss Americana certainly couldn’t avoid exhaustion: “I didn’t leave my bed except to get food and bring it back to bed and eat there. I could barely speak because I sang continuously for 3 nights in a row. Every time I took a step, my feet would crunch, crunch, crunch because I had to dance in high heels for so long.”

But all that fatigue and pain couldn’t stop the girl born in 1989 from bringing her singing to the world: “I know I will step on that stage, even if I’m sick. injured, heartbroken, upset or stressed. It has become part of my identity. As long as someone still buys tickets to see the show, I will definitely sing unless there are unforeseen circumstances.” And more importantly, Taylor believes that the effort the fans put in to buy tickets for “The Eras Tour” is something she must strive to perform to repay: “They had to work very hard to get it. a ticket. So I wanted to do a show that was longer than they thought it would be. That makes me feel good when I leave the stadium.”


Respond to extreme pain with defiance

“The Eras Tour” is a brilliant milestone in Taylor Swift’s career, but it is also a reminder of painful stories in the past. The singer explained the tragedy of the tour’s success: “I don’t forget that the two powerful catalysts for this to happen were the two terrible things that haunted me. The first was being ostracized, which completely ruined my life and health . Second, my life’s work was taken away by someone who hates me.”

After all the recording rights of the first 6 albums were sold to Scooter Braun, Taylor re-recorded on the advice of singer Kelly Clarkson. And this project was incredibly successful. In addition to old songs, re-recorded albums also include many never-before-released songs. Taylor sees this strategy as a coping mechanism, aimed at reducing the value of older releases. “It’s all in how you deal with loss. I responded to extreme pain with defiance,” the female singer expressed about her journey to regain her spiritual children.


In the end, after countless incidents, hate, and depression, Taylor Swift still chose to walk the path of becoming a public icon. Because love and everyone’s attention have always been her dream since childhood. Fame can be very fleeting, fame entails countless risks. Taylor understands that better than anyone. She accepts this precarious uncertainty: “Nothing is permanent. I am so grateful for every moment that I am enjoying this, because it was taken from me before. There’s one thing I’ve learned: my response to anything that happens, good or bad, is to keep creating something. Don’t stop creating art.” And the beauty also did not forget to “taunt” some people: “But I also learned that there is no point in trying to defeat your enemies.”

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