Taylor Swift’s style through each album release

After each performance of songs from her new album, Taylor Swift creates new trends in the fields of art and fashion.

Recently, at the 2024 Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift announced the release of her 11th studio album titled The Tortured Poets Department. Besides music, many audiences are also curious about the female singer’s style in this new product.

Appearing on the album’s cover, the singer wears a Saint Laurent knit top and Ausra shorts from The Row. It can be guessed that throughout the new album Taylor Swift will wear minimalist outfits.

Bìa album lần thứ 11 của Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s 11th album cover.











Many fashion magazines say that Taylor Swift’s style reflects her musical development since the release of her first album in 2006.


Sarah Chapelle – author of Taylor Swift Style: Fashion Through the Eras comments: “Taylor Swift uses lyrics and outfits to create many different stories. Throughout her career, she has had a ‘memorable streak’. “unique fashion through each work”.

In 2012, Taylor brought 1950s housewife fashion back to life on the album Red. In 2017, taking inspiration from Gothic to Hollywood events, the singer wore a series of outfits from luxury brands to match the aesthetic of her album Reputation. Two years later, Taylor Swift again updated her wardrobe with romantic and appropriate outfits for her album Lover.

Sự thay đổi phong cách của Taylor Swift qua mỗi album đều mang đến những xu hướng thời trang mới.

Taylor Swift’s style changes through each album bring new fashion trends.

Especially during performances, in addition to delivering a series of famous songs, Taylor Swift also impressed fans with her captivating appearance and impressive fashion style.

Let’s look back at the outfits that shaped Taylor’s image throughout many years of artistic activities.


Taylor Swift wore a tassel sequin dress following the trend of taking pajamas to the street during the launch of her album Fearless.

Tại buổi trình diễn album 1989, nữ ca sĩ khoe khéo vóc dáng thon gọn, cơ bụng săn chắc trong thiết kế áo croptop và quần ôm họa tiết ca rô. Xu hướng trang phục matchy-matchy cũng được các tín đồ yêu thích từ đây.

At the 1989 album introduction show, the female singer cleverly showed off her slim figure and toned abs in a crop top and tight pants with checkered patterns. The matchy-matchy outfit trend is also loved by followers here.

Taylor mang đến hình ảnh cổ điển nhưng không kém phần gợi cảm với set đồ áo sơ mi xuyên thấu phối cùng quần short, mũ phớt và giày cao gót bút mũi trong buổi diễn album Red.

Taylor brings a classic but no less sexy image with a see-through shirt set combined with shorts, a fedora and pen-toed high heels during the performance for the album Red.

''Nữ hoàng nhạc đồng quê'' hóa thân thành công chúa trong thiết kế váy bồng bềnh, xếp tầng màu tím omber lãng mạn khi trình diễn album Speak Now

The ”Queen of Country Music” transformed into a princess in a romantic purple omber layered, flowing dress design when performing to introduce the album Speak Now.

Taylor Swift trong buổi trình diễn album Folklore trở nên ngọt ngào, đằm thắm hơn khi diện váy dài xếp ly màu hồng pastel dịu nhẹ, trang điểm tông đỏ toát lên vẻ đẹp quyến rũ.

Taylor Swift during the performance to introduce the album “Folklore” became sweeter and more loving when wearing a long, soft pastel pink pleated dress and red-toned makeup to exude seductive beauty.

Taylor Swift gai góc và cá tính hơn với lối trang điểm môi thâm, diện jumpsuit sequin phối áo choàng lấp lánh tại buổi trình diễn album Midnight.

Taylor Swift is edgier and more personal with dark lip makeup, sequin jumpsuit and sparkling cape at the Midnight album launch event.

Điệu đà và cổ điển như một cô gái thôn quê, Taylor khoác lên mình chiếc váy diềm bèo màu cam đất khi thể hiện các ca khúc trong album Evermore.

Elegant and classic like a country girl, Taylor wore an earthy orange ruffled dress while performing songs from her album Evermore.

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