WATCH: 20,000 Taylor Swift fans sing along outside of Lincoln Financial Field as the Swiftie takeover of Philadelphia completes night 2 of 3

Taylor Swift has taken over the city of Philadelphia.

Taylor Swift Takover Philadelphia

Listen, I don’t care what you think about Taylor Swift.

For whatever reason, people love to hate on this girl and people are posting all over social media saying they can’t wait until her tour heads out of town after three straight nights of sold out shows at Lincoln Financial Field.

I honestly couldn’t disagree more and I’m not even a fan of Taylor Swift.

I mean look what she’s doing down at the Philadelphia sports complex. There was an additional 20,000 fans outside Lincoln Financial Field tonight singing along tonight, which is pretty incredible to watch.

Taylor Swift Fans Outside Lincoln Financial Field

On top of that, Taylor took the stage last night and let everyone know that she’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan and that Philly is her “home town”.

Taylor Swift ‘Go Birds’ Era

To note, Swift is originally from Reading, Pennsylvania which of course had people on social media yet again criticizing her for “not actually being from Philadelphia.”

Give me a break. Swift is doing things that no one has really seen since The Beatles and if she wants to claim Philly as her hometown then we should be welcoming her with open arms.

Cheers to all of the Swifties having the time of their lives in South Philly this weekend. Love it. 

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