Cam Newton accuses Colin Cowherd’s show of ‘manipulating’ the narrative over baseless Dak Prescott comparison

Recently, The Herd’s co-host Jason McIntyre said Cam Newton had worse career than Dak Prescott.

The former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton recently caused a massive controversy by calling some prominent QBs in the league, including Dak Prescott, as just game managers. As a result, many analysts including The Herd Show hosts Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre blasted Newton by belittling the former Panthers QB’s career achievements.

And now, during a recent episode of the 4th and 1 show, Newton clapped back at McIntyre and called out the analyst for manipulating the narrative. Newton showed the clip from the Fox Sports show, The Herd, and explained how the show hosts manipulated the narrative.

Don’t give me no backhand compliment, don’t do that. They were able to pull up some stats out there, I was a dual-threat quarterback, add in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns

Cam Newton said on 4th and 1 show

In The Herd Show, Jason McIntyre compared the stats of Prescott and Newton, which made it seem like the Dallas Cowboys quarterback was a better signal-caller. However, they only showed passing stats and failed to add the rushing stats, which made a huge difference between the two quarterbacks

They try to manipulate the narrative instead of speaking about what I said.

Cam Newton said

Trying to prove that Dak Prescott had a better career than Newton is simply blasphemous. The Panthers quarterback is the superior talent and won the NFL MVP award while also taking his team to the Super Bowl, despite never having a team as good as Prescott’s Cowboys. Prescott had superior weapons compared to Newton and failed to even win a conference championship in his career.

Cam Newton scorches Jason McIntyre over Dak Prescott comparisons

After pointing out how Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre manipulated the narrative in their show, the former Panthers QB Cam Newton blasted McIntyre for trying to attack him instead of speaking about his opinion.

They try to poke at the person. Jason, if I were to do my research on you personally: failed situations, got fired from a job, flunked out of college. If I really were to do that, then I would be evil, then I am the bully or I’m bitter.

Cam Newton said

When Newton made his point about how some quarterbacks in the league are just game managers, many experts attacked the former NFL MVP instead of talking about his opinion.

Dak Prescott

And now, finally, Newton is calling out the media over their narrative. Following his call out, Fox Sports host Jason McIntyre promised to address the situation on Friday’s episode of his show.

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