Cowboys boss Jerry Jones claims Dak Prescott has become the MVP ‘right before our eyes’ after thumping win over the Eagles

Prescott received his flowers from the team’s veteran manager Jerry Jones.

From watching fans mopping the floor with his jersey to stepping into the gridiron with continuous M-V-P M-V-P shouts, Dak Prescott has had the perfect redemption this season. He was one of the most hated quarterbacks earlier, but now, with time, has become the new fan favorite.

That is the sole reason Jerry Jones gave all his flowers to his franchise QB. Talking to the press after the QB provided a stellar performance against the Eagles, the veteran owner and general manager of the team said,

I thought this was a monumental game for him tonight. Everybody who follows the NFL knew that he had a lot of the expectation as to how he was going to perform and how he was going to meet this challenge.

There was one thing that used to disturb Prescott’s reputation. ‘He can’t do it at the right moment.’ Despite this year’s monumental performance, multiple analysts have claimed that Prescott can’t cook it in the right restaurant.

Claims were made that he can’t win it for his team against a winning side. The Eagles game was an exception. He was pivotal in sealing it for the Cowboys. Considering that, Jones further added:

The ever overhang of well, did he do it with the right competition? I don’t mean to sound condescending. That’s fair. He did tonight, and he did it in a very efficient way against a team as good as we’ll play. . . . But I think that we’ll go as far as Dak will take us.

This is not the first time the veteran billionaire has hailed his quarterback. Since the beginning of the season, Jones has been doing this. In one of his radio interviews, the manager announced that Dak was the greatest ever to play for the Cowboys in his lifetime.

The claim shocked everyone since Prescott has had a poor record in the playoffs. In addition, he has never led the Cowboys to a Championship victory, let alone Super Bowl. The veteran had the likes of Troy Aikman, who won three SB titles for the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott heavy favorite for MVP this season

For the first time in eight years, Prescott’s name is hitting the air as the possible MVP winner. After 13 games, the quarterback has registered 3,505 yards of passing with 28 touchdowns and six interceptions. Out of his 28 touchdowns, 25 TDs came in the last eight games. He was also intercepted twice in the last eight.

After his poor show against the 49ers, Prescott picked up the form of his life and started providing on the turf. He was intercepted thrice in the game against the San Fran. That was the last time he had more than one interception in a game.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott
The maturity that Prescott showed after the game charmed Jones. The veteran added in his remark,

I would say he’s become the most valuable player right before our eyes in the last several months.

It will be difficult for him to win the MVP this year as he has a lot of competitors. Winning the NFC East can only give him some browny points.

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