Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy shows ‘unbelievable faith’ in Dak Prescott amid uncertainty following playoff loss

Mike McCarthy bestowed his full trust on Dak Prescott.

Amid all criticism, the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to retain Mike McCarthy after a long meeting. McCarthy would be coaching America’s team for the fifth time. Despite the loss, Jones bestowed the trust on the HC.

Taking charge, McCarthy did not spend any time to reveal that he has high trust in the quarterback Dak Prescott. According to a report by The Athletic, the HC said, addressing the reporters:

I have unbelievable belief in Dak I think he clearly has another step. I think this offense has suited him well. It’s a system built around making the quarterback successful. The growth opportunity that we both see for the future is something that we are excited about. A big part of the conversation was the disappointment. We talked about the particulars of the game and things that went wrong and how we can improve it.

Mike McCarthy said

Prescott indeed had a great regular season with the highest number of touchdowns and less number of interceptions. But he choked at the playoffs. The interception problem came back against the Packers where he threw two interceptions and one was converted into pick-six by the Packers’ defense. He later tried to compensate for things by throwing two touchdowns but was too late to capitalize on things.

Along with McCarthy, Dak Prescott was also subjected to hefty criticism. Frustrated fans wanted his departure and the quarterback also blamed himself. He also took all the responsibility for the loss. However, Prescott does not seem to have ended his time in the Cowboys squad as he is almost on the verge of signing a $300 million deal with the team.

Dak Prescott bestowed his trust on Mike McCarthy

Prescott, in the trouble time of McCarthy, stood beside him. After the game against the Packers, McCarthy’s job was unsure. However, Prescott stood beside him and gave his flowers to the HC in front of the media.

Here is what he had to say:

He’s been amazing. I don’t know how there can be [questions about his status], but I understand the business.

Dak Prescott said

Dak Prescott with Mike McCarthy

Dak Prescott with Mike McCarthy (Via Yahoo Sports)
Not only that but also the quarterback added that McCarthy deserved credit for the great season Prescott had with the Cowboys. He said without McCarthy, things would have looked different.

Both McCarthy and Prescott will have testing times in the coming seasons. The fans are frustrated and they want results. Both have to make a start from scratch and prove their worth.

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