Cowboys’ Micah Parsons breaks silence on criticism he faced for calling out 49ers QB Brock Purdy

Micah Parsons believes Brock Purdy is having a great year and so is the 49ers.

Dallas Cowboys star linebacker, Micah Parsons is well-known for his unfiltered statements, which have often brought him quite the criticism from fans and sports analysts. Just like, recently Parsons’ statement on San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Brock Purdy made headlines, leading to a handful of criticisms all across social media.

As the matter seemed to have escalated quite a lot, Parsons felt this was the right time to break his silence, which he did on his podcast The Edge with Micah Parsons. In his statement, the star edge rusher explained he didn’t think that the MVP candidate played poorly. He, in fact, admires Purdy for this performance throughout the season and for becoming the frontrunner in the MVP race until week 16.

The Cowboys linebacker explained:

People were looking at my tweet; they had all these opinions, but not once did I talk about Purdy. I talked about the things that were going on in the game. Everyone that I know and probably your moms and your fathers was watching the game on Christmas night, too. I’m jotting down my thoughts. Am I worried about the 49ers when I wake up? Absolutely not. I have two children. I’m not worried about the 49ers at all, and that’s for Deebo [Samuel] and whoever else.

Micah Parsons on The Edge

Parsons cleared that in his tweet, he was talking about the game. He did not mean to talk bad about Purdy or think that he played badly. He added:

I don’t think Purdy played bad. Obviously, [he had] interceptions. The one to Kyle Hamilton, I know he wishes he could have it back, but I don’t think he played a bad game. We talked about Purdy being down.

Micah Parsons continued

Parsons concluded his point by saying he has nothing against the quarterback and believes Purdy is having a great year and so is the 49ers.

Micah Parsons criticised by Rob Gronkowski over his tweet

Among the many who came forward to criticise the Cowboys’ star edge rusher, one prominent name was Rob Gronkowski. The former New England Patriots tight end was stunned after seeing Parsons’ tweet over the 49ers’ week 16 loss when they suffered a tragic loss against the Miami Dolphins.

Micah Parsons against the Dolphins

Micah Parsons against the Dolphins (Via Yardbarker)
Gronkowski slammed the linebacker for pointing fingers at another team when his team had many issues to deal with. The Cowboys have all five of their losses in road games and that is becoming a concerning thing, considering the playoff games.

Gronkowski said to Parsons:

You just have to worry about what you can control, not what the other team is doing.

Rob Gronkowski on Up & Adams

The Cowboys are coming off a loss against rival Dolphins that makes the home-road game ratio seem more concerning.

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