Donna Kelce swamped with big-money offers including own $5m cookie deal

TRAVIS Kelce isn’t the only person in his family gearing up to capitalize on a surge of popularity.

The U.S. Sun revealed the Kansas City Chiefs star’s moves,

both on and off the field with girlfriend Taylor Swift,

have seen him bring him a host of potential new sponsors.

Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom Donna has been approached by investors over a potential launch of her own cookie brandCredit: AFP 

Donna’s life could also become the topic of a new TV seriesCredit: Getty The Kelce family’s fame has surged since Travis started dating Taylor SwiftCredit: Getty

However it’s not just Travis feeling the Swift effect, it’s taking mom Donna along for the ride too, and the 71-year-old can expect to be busy in the coming months.

A source close to the Kelce family has informed The U.S. Sun that several sponsors are queuing up to collaborate with Mama Kelce.

Donna, a former banking executive, has already been working with the likes of Pillsbury, KIND snacks, and Barefoot wine.


Insiders claim that Donna has been approached by investors to launch her nationwide Mama Kelce cookie brand, with a substantial $5 million budget in the offing.

She doesn’t currently have a brand named after her, but ‘Mama Kelce’ has a nice ring to it

There’s optimism that the business could become a smash hit — and this journey might be available for viewing in your living room.

One TV company is planning a reality show about Mrs. Kelce’s life as a mother to two NFL superstars.

Another channel is championing the idea of a “cookie travel show,” which would see Donna travel up and down the country in search of the finest treats around.

Donna appears to be very comfortable in the limelight, with the insider claiming she’s “naturally a target for big brands because she represents family values, by being a loving and caring mother.”

“She’s always smiling, thinking of others, and has two sons who are NFL stars with excellent reputations,” the source told The U.S. Sun.

“It’s a perfect combo.”

Several other deals are reportedly in the works, including $1 million a year from Hershey and an extended Ziploc contract — she signed a $300,000 agreement for the recent Super Bowl — which would rake in $2 million over two years.

Most Valuable Parent,’ Travis Kelce’s mom Donna proves she’s the ‘MVP’ as she shuns private jets and flys SouthWest after Super Bowl

Skechers is also interested in having her take up an ambassadorial role, worth $3.6 million over three years.

“It’s only the beginning for her, and it’s no surprise at all that so many brands are wanting to work with her,” the insider concluded.

“She is a role model.”

Donna doesn’t currently have a brand named after her, but ‘Mama Kelce’ has a nice ring to it


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