Ex-Cowboys WR Terrance Williams discloses why he’d prefer Tony Romo over $70,000,000 worth Dak Prescott

Williams spent more time with Romo than Prescott.

Quarterbacks are often the center of attention in football. Every year in the offseason, fans and analysts alike gather around to discuss which quarterback is the best in the NFL. But the comparison that most quarterbacks themselves try to avoid is with their predecessors. It’s the same with Dak Prescott, as his former teammate Terrance Williams has claimed he would prefer Tony Romo over the current Cowboys quarterback.

“Tony was very smart,” said Williams while appearing on a recent segment of the Law Nation Sports YouTube show. “He (Tony Romo) could know the defense just by how people would line up.”

Williams had formed a good partnership with Tony Romo during his time with the Cowboys. The two were the menace of the opposition defense, and Williams gave a short example of how good Romo was. He recalled a play against the Green Bay Packers in which Romo instructed Williams to do as he said.

“He tells me to do the hitch wrap like It’s not called; It’s like a step deeper,” the 33-year-old said. Romo used to make plays based on basic instincts and could pick out Williams even through hoards of players.

“Tony is the guy whose like, if we’re gonna lose then we’re gonna lose his way,” Williams revealed. “Most of my touchdowns came from Tony just giving me signals.”

The Texas-born Wide receiver continued, saying, “Tony is the kind of quarterback that if your coach calls a bulls**t play and it’s not working the whole game, he will say just go and line up on the ball.” Williams had complete faith in his signal caller. Nevertheless, Romo failed to win a Super Bowl for the Cowboys, and that is so far the same trajectory for Dak Prescott.

Was Tony Romo really better than Dak Prescott, like Terrance Williams says?

 Ex-Cowboys WR Terrance Williams discloses why he'd prefer Tony Romo over $70,000,000 worth Dak Prescott

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Even with Terrance Williams’ praise for Tony Romo, the former Cowboys quarterback did not have the most productive career. Both Romo and Prescott have played six playoff games each and have an identical record of 2-4 in the postseason.

Romo did manage to appear in four Pro Bowls during his playing days, but Prescott has only two for now. The soon-to-be 30-year-old Prescott is running out of time, as he said that he wants to be less mobile and more center-focused. He is coming off a minor injury but has claimed he is ready for the new season.

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