‘Forever hopeful’ Michael Irvin claims Dak Prescott will lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win this season after 27 long years

The Cowboys have signed Trey Lance this season

The NFL 2023-24 season has come back with a bang. In the opening game, the Detroit Lions surprised everyone by beating the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. The result triggered a question. Is it going to be the season of surprises?

Michael Irvin believes yes. Denying all the other possibilities, the analyst said that this would be the Dallas Cowboys‘ year. They will finally be able to end their trophy drought and with the help of none other than Dak Prescott, they are going to win the Super Bowl this year!

His revelation shocked everyone as no analyst ahead of the season predicted the Cowboys to become the champions. Only Jerry Jones, the owner and the general manager of the team, told during the training session that his team is in better shape and will be the title contender for this year’s Super Bowl. However, a group of analysts made fun of him as he always said words like these but the Cowboys had always failed to make a significant mark on the Super Bowl.

“I prayed to God during the offseason and he said he would surely bless me. He said my latter days would be better than my previous days. My better days would begin when the Cowboys would win the Super Bowl,” the analyst said on one of the episodes of Undisputed.

How the Dallas Cowboys are gearing up for the NFL? 

Trey Lance

Trey Lance (via CBS Sports)
The Dallas Cowboys shocked everyone when they traded Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers. Lance’s career was on the verge of decline as the player failed to make his mark in the squad due to injuries and other factors.

Jones did not discuss the trade with head coach Mike McCarthy or even the star QB Dak Prescott. He told McCarthy after everything was done.

Though Jones had made it clear that Lance would be the developing quarterback and Dak would be their first choice, still some questions are being floated in the air that this might be Dak’s last season at the Cowboys. If he fails to lead the team to the Super Bowl then from next season onwards he won’t be a Cowboys player anymore.

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