“I’m not into the flopping business!” ‘Frustrated’ Micah Parsons breaks silence on not getting calls when he’s being held because of poor officiating

The NFL is presently witnessing a lot of controversies over referring decisions.

After the stellar win against the Washington Commanders on Thanksgiving Day, the Dallas Cowboys defensive end Micah Parsons expressed his rage over the poor referring decisions. Multiple videos came into the spotlight that depicted Parsons not receiving a single holding call despite being held multiple times by the Commanders’ players. Throughout the game, the DE pleaded before the referees, however, nothing changed.

This created a sparkling controversy on social media. The NFL is presently witnessing a lot of controversies over referring decisions, and this added more meat to it. The linebacker even opened himself up regarding the bad fortune of not getting holding calls.

It’s frustrating. I kind of wish people saw it the way I do. I kinda tell the ref, ‘If you just look at me the whole time, you don’t even have to look anywhere else, it’s right there in front of you.

Parsons via The Athletic’s Jon Machota

The LB, who is running riot in this year’s NFL, also spoke about handling these situations. Despite feeling ill-treated, the player is managing his emotions well. He also said these decisions would not affect his playing situation. Parsons believes he would continue with great form in the coming time with the help of his coaches.

It kinda gets me on the emotion side because I’m competing, and I’m daring to be great, and I’m challenging these guys, and I know I’m getting the best of them and it may not show up the way I want it to show up. That definitely bothers me and I’m working on it. Playing it cool, not letting it get the best of me, I think that’s been the difference between this year and last year.

He also added:

I'm not into the flopping business.

From fines to non-holding calls, referring is facing a lot of questions in the league

The referees have been witnessing a lot of criticisms this season. Most of them came due to the fines that the players had suffered. From the likes of Josh Allen to Sauce Gardner, many of the star names have been unfairly fined by the league this season.

Allen was fined for raising his finger to a Cincinnati Bengals player while completing his touchdown. Sauce Gardner was fined for his unnecessary roughness. Both created major concerns among the experts to fans.

Micah Parsons

Micah Parsons (Marca.com)
In this context, Parsons’ comment will add more heat to the discussion. However, the LB is not concerned with that. He has been a rock for the Cowboys this season and wants to continue like that. He thanked his defensive coach and coordinator for keeping the confidence in him.

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