“It didn’t cross my mind,” Cowboys boss Jerry Jones claims he didn’t consult Dak Prescott or HC Mike McCarthy before trading Trey Lance from the 49ers

Jones cleared that Prescott will be their first-choice quarterback.

In a shocking turn of events, the Dallas Cowboys acquired quarterback Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers on the final night of their pre-season campaign. The sudden move has shocked the NFL world, as they had no idea that this could ever take place.

In an interactive session with the media, Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of the Cowboys, said that he saw it as an opportunity for Lance to get developed under the Cowboys star and first-choice QB Dak Prescott. He also said that the franchise had been in search of a developmental quarterback for years, and the inclusion of Lance would fulfill their motto.

“Well he gives us an opportunity to — at a level that we probably had never gone in the draft — to work and develop a young quarterback. And, you need to be doing that,” the 80-year-old billionaire added.

However, what is more surprising about the move is that the Dallas owner did not discuss it with the head coach, Mike McCarthy, or Dak Prescott before engaging in trading. He did not seek their approval before signing Lance in their squad.

“No, it didn’t crossed my mind, period,” Jones said Saturday prior to the Cowboys preseason finale against the Las Vegas Raiders.

“There was nobody that knew [about] it. We told Mike [McCarthy], after we had done it, but my point is we just wanted to get it done. Again, we didn’t waste any time. My point is, we didn’t, we didn’t want them, we didn’t want them to hang up,” he further added.

However, the billionaire had made sure that the inclusion wouldn’t affect the team’s plan of starting the season with Prescott as the first-choice QB. Prescott will be their first-choice quarterback.

Nonetheless, a pertinent question has arisen among NFL experts whether this move will create an imbalance in the team’s strategy. Jones said that possibilities like this had not hit his mind.

Trey Lance’s career at the San Francisco 49ers

Trey Lance

Trey Lance (via CBS Sports)
Trey Lance was going through a tough phase in his career at the San Francisco 49ers. He was included in the team in 2021 as a star quarterback. He was expected to provide masterclass performances on the field. However, in reality, things went in a different way.

Continuous injuries made his growth slow and the unexpected rise of Brock Purdy took the No.1 position from him. This season, Lance was even registered as their third-choice quarterback, which also made things worse for the Lance.

The Dallas Cowboys will start their 2023 season against the New York Giants on 10 September with the intention to end their 28-year trophy drought.

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