Jerry Jones subtly hints Dak Prescott might become the highest-paid QB with his potential contract extension

Prescott still has one more year left in his current contract with the team.

The veteran quarterback Dak Prescott is currently having one of the best campaigns of his career and he picked a good year to breakout. He is one of the frontrunners for the MVP award since he has been playing lights out despite his struggles in the early stages. Amidst this, the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talked about Prescott’s potential contract extension.

Firstly, Jones made it clear that he doesn’t lose sleep over Prescott’s potential contract extension since he currently doesn’t have any idea of letting Prescott walk in free agency.

I just want him to be a part of having the team to be a Super Bowl quarterback. The idea of him not being our quarterback hasn’t crossed my mind. I’m here like everybody else wanting him to be the Most Valuable Player in the NFL. We’re trying to win the Super Bowl, and we have a better chance at winning it with him at quarterback playing at that level.

Jones said via

Prescott still has one year left in his current contract and he is set to take a massive $59 million cap hit in the 2024 season. So, the team’s general manager Jerry Jones would look to reduce that cap hit by signing him to a nice extension. When asked about the extension, Jones insinuated Prescott might become the highest-paid QB when his contract is done.



There are seven guys out there who should be the highest-paid at their position. We have to fit a square peg in a round hole when the time comes.

Jones said

Assuming Prescott is one of the 7 guys Jones mentioned, Jones is admitting Prescott should be the highest-paid QB in the league. And, Jones will not hesitate to hand it to Prescott if the Cowboys QB continues his good year.

Dak Prescott brushes off MVP talks, claims he is focused on winning

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are currently preparing for their crucial week 15 game against the Buffalo Bills. Ahead of the game, Prescott was asked about his opinions on being featured in the MVP talks.

Dak Prescott

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott (Image via Getty Images)
During the pre-game press conference, Prescott said that he just wants his team to make a deep playoff run. He is focused on leading his team to that goal and is not worried about individual accolades.

But, he acknowledged that if he is in the MVP conversation, then the team is certainly on the right path. Obviously, all of Prescott’s success won’t matter in the eyes of the fans if he fails again in the playoffs. So, he would clearly be focused on winning playoff games and leading his team to the Super Bowl glory.

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