NFL Start Talks With Taylor Swift For $1B Deal to Perform at Super Bowl 59

The superstar singer rejected a late push for her to wow the crowds in Las Vegas earlier

this month as boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs dramatically beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Taylor just wanted to enjoy the game after making a mad dash from Japan,

where she was on her Eras Tour, to Sin City.

But NFL chiefs are making early arrangements ahead of the 2025 Super Bowl in New Orleans – and the money men are already licking their lips. Two NFL business insiders, interviewed by The U.S. Sun, believe having the Cruel Summer star perform at the Caesars Superdome could make it the most watched of all time.

According to one of the individuals, an external business consultant for the NFL, key figures within the organization are desperate to get Taylor to perform and have began making efforts to do so. He underlined that Taylor’s sheer presence at Allegiant Stadium resulted in record viewership, with 123 million tuning in.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell understands Taylor’s capacity to attract non-football fans and a younger population, with the potential boost in advertising revenue especially appealing. “The ads could reach a cost of $8.5 million each, an increase of $1 million, or more,” said the source.

“This year, it has been estimated that her presence helped generate a lot of money, estimated between $700-750 million. If she is the main artist of next year’s halftime show, it’s expected to generate more than $1.3-1.5 billion.”

Another insider speculates that if Taylor performs and the Chiefs win for the third year in a row, “it will be the biggest sports event ever broadcasted in America” and that watching figures could reach a record-breaking 140 million.

Hardcore NFL fans may squirm whenever the camera swings to the Anti-Hero phenomenon, but her impact on the league’s popularity cannot be underestimated. “Taylor’s relationship with Travis is probably the best gift ever made to the NFL,” a person who works as an NFL business consultant said, smiling.

“It’s a huge win-win for the league, and for them.”


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