OMG!!! Primary 5 girl scores Taylor Swift’s hug and ’22 hat’ on first night of Eras Tour in Singapore

Primary 5 girl scores Taylor Swift's hug and '22 hat' on first night of Eras Tour in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Ever wondered what it feels like to hug Taylor Swift? According to 11-year-old Singaporean Giselle Heng, who celebrates her birthday in June, it’s a tad salty.

During Swift’s inaugural performance of her Eras Tour at the National Stadium on March 2, Giselle not only had the opportunity to hug and high-five the American superstar but was also gifted with the fedora hat Swift wears during the rendition of “22.”

Recalling the moment over a phone conversation with The Straits Times, the Yishun Primary School student shared, “I gave her a friendship bracelet that says ’22.’ I told her, ‘I love you,’ and she said, ‘I love you,’ too. I hugged her, and a bit of her hair went into my mouth. It tasted a bit salty because of her sweat, but I don’t care at all.”

Since commencing her tour in Glendale, the United States, in 2023, Swift has made a tradition of presenting the “22 hat” to a fortunate fan during her performances.

Giselle’s mother, Vicky Chang, a 39-year-old executive assistant at a law firm, initially didn’t secure tickets for the concert. However, a stroke of luck came through when her friend, a mother of Giselle’s classmate, obtained three Category 2 tickets. These tickets, valued at $328 each, were later upgraded to Category 1, positioning the trio just behind the VIP 1 pens.

While Ms. Chang and her younger daughter, Elyssa, enjoyed the concert from outside the stadium, Giselle found herself swept into a magical moment. As she danced to Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do,” a man resembling a bodyguard approached, seeking permission to escort her to the stage.

Excitedly screaming “yes” repeatedly, Giselle was whisked closer to the stage and eventually found herself kneeling in front of it, witnessing the entirety of the performance of “22” up close.

The fedora, adorned with Swift’s autograph, now holds a special place in Giselle’s room, alongside the Junior Jewels T-shirt she wore to the concert – a cherished memento from the unforgettable encounter.

As Swift continues her concert for five more nights, other young fans, like nine-year-old Keira Chia from Nanyang Primary School, hope for their own special moment with the pop sensation. Keira, diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, will attend the March 7 concert in a private suite sponsored by the Singapore-based charity Viva Foundation for Children with Cancer and local bag brand Aupen.

Expressing their support, a spokesperson for Aupen stated, “We wanted to fulfill Keira’s wish to see her favorite artiste live in concert. We hope that with everyone’s support, Taylor Swift will give Keira her black hat during the performance of ’22.’”

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