OMG!!! Taylor Swift strips back her makeup and reveals her sweaty hair as poses for selfies with a lucky family after marathon Sydney Eras concert

A fortunate family recently had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Taylor Swift and take photos with the superstar following one of her performances in Sydney last week.

The unforgettable encounter was a dream realized for chef and nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin, who delighted her 31,800 Instagram followers by sharing videos and snapshots from backstage at the sold-out concert.

Zoe posted a charming photo of herself and her family alongside the American singer, set against a backdrop of a grey brick wall.

Sporting casual attire, including a pink T-shirt and black denim shorts, the “Cruel Summer” songstress had just concluded a captivating three-and-a-half-hour performance, showcasing hits from her extensive 10-album repertoire. Her stage makeup was minimal, and her hair bore the signs of her energetic 44-song marathon.

Zoe Bingley-Pullin and her family got the chance to meet Taylor Swift and pose for photos with the megastar after one of performances in Sydney last week

Captioning her post, Zoe expressed her gratitude, describing the encounter as a “magical night” with the incredibly talented and kind-hearted Taylor Swift, cherishing the unforgettable moments shared with her daughter and praising Swift as a brilliant role model.

Fans expressed astonishment in the comments, wondering how Zoe and her family secured the opportunity to meet the Grammy-winning singer. Zoe disclosed that a thoughtful friend had organized the meet-and-greet as part of her daughter’s birthday celebration.

Amidst the admiration, one fan remarked on Swift’s remarkable kindness and the joy she brings, while another celebrated Zoe’s family’s fabulous luck.

The Cruel Summer songstress wore casual clothing, including a pink T-shirt and black denim shorts, after belting out hits from her 10-album discography for three and a half hours onstage. Her stage makeup was also stripped back, and her hair appeared sweaty after the marathon 44-song extravaganza

Taylor wrapped up the Australian leg of her Eras tour on Monday after playing to more than 600,000 fans across Melbourne and Sydney. Pictured: Taylor Swift performing in Melbourne

Concluding her Australian tour, Taylor Swift wrapped up her Eras tour with remarkable success, drawing over 600,000 fans across Melbourne and Sydney. A staggering 96,000 fans attended each of her three Melbourne shows, while Sydney boasted 83,000 Swifties at each of her four performances.

A record-breaking 96,000 fans attended each of her three nights in Melbourne, while Sydney attracted a further 83,000 Swifties at each of her four shows. Pictured: Taylor Swift performing in Melbourne

Reports suggest that the pop sensation earned a staggering $25 million per show in Sydney alone. Additionally, her presence injected a remarkable $145 million into the New South Wales economy as fans from both local and interstate locales flocked to the city for the highly anticipated event of the year.

Currently, Taylor Swift is set to perform in Singapore for three concerts on March 2, 3, and 4.

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