Plaxico Burress RIDICULES Dak Prescott by astonishingly claiming that the Cowboys won’t win a Super Bowl with him

Plaxico Burress feels Dak Prescott has reached his ceiling and will not be able to win the Super Bowl next season.

The Dallas Cowboys’ wait for a Super Bowl extended into the 28th season after they failed to win the championship in 2022/23 after falling out against the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs. The defeat was largely blamed on their inefficacious offensive plays, as they scored only one touchdown.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott received most of the criticism as he threw for 206 yards and two interceptions, during their 19-12 defeat. That has continued, if not amplified throughout the offseason with numerous NFL analysts and pundits, calling for the head of the 29-year-old.

Prescott had one of the worst seasons of his career, throwing a total of league highest 15 interceptions, making a personal record as well. Despite his worrisome performance, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Mike McCarthy has continued to keep faith in him as their starting quarterback for yet another season.

Plaxico Burress feels that Dak Prescott has hit his ceiling after the quarterback’s record 15 INT season

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott (via Twitter)
Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver turned NFL analyst, Plaxico Burress is however of the belief that Prescott will not be able to lead America’s team towards a Super Bowl title next season. While speaking on the Carton Show, he was brutally honest about Prescott claiming that he will not be able to outdo himself any more, having reached his ceiling.

“You put him on. He’s still Dak Prescott. Yes, because he’s on the Cowboys. But I believe he’s reached his ceiling as a quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys. They can win. But they can’t win a championship with him,” Burress said on the show.

Prescott suffered a thumb injury last season, which made him miss five games. While interceptions are not the sole criterion while judging a quarterback’s overall performance, his high INT count clearly depicted his personal shortcomings that ended up having a big impact on the Cowboys’ season.

Dak Prescott signed a four-year contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, but it also has a provision for him to leave after the end of the 2023 season, meaning that the upcoming season is all set to become a make-or-break season for the veteran quarterback. The target is already on Prescott and if he’s unable to convince Jones of his potential, he will in all certainty lose his position at the franchise.

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