Record show of “King Midas” Taylor Swift: Helped an entire city earn 16,000 billion, 90% of hotels were sold out, airlines also made huge profits

Wherever Taylor Swift goes, the local economy flourishes.


Taylor Swift is currently the “King Midas” of the music industry, the most influential pop culture icon in the world. The female singer keeps creating records and then breaking them herself. For example, most recently, the owner of the hit You Belong With Me just broke the record for the female artist’s concert with the largest audience in the past decade. Up to 96,000 spectators joined in singing with Taylor Swift at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia during one night of the show. However, this is not the only huge number about this record-breaking performance.

Taylor Swift performed 3 concert nights with a total audience of up to 288,000 people. During the last show, the female singer could not hide her excitement: “96,000 people on the first night, 96,000 people on the second night, 96,000 people tonight. This is the biggest show of this tour and you guys have contribute to helping this miracle happen three times.”

According to Forbes Australia, Taylor Swift’s 3-night concert helped the city of Melbourne bring in economic benefits of up to 653 million USD (about 16,000 billion VND). The mayor of this city said that each year Melbourne earns about 2.1 billion USD (51,500 billion VND) in economic efficiency from concerts, and Taylor Swift alone accounts for 1/3 of this amount. The economic impact even extends beyond the city, positively affecting the whole of Australia.

During the time Taylor Swift brought The Eras Tour to Melbourne, the hotel occupancy rate in this city was 90%. This number increased by 25% compared to the same period last year.

To meet fans’ travel needs, national airline Qantas added 67 more flights right after Taylor Swift announced she would bring The Eras Tour to Australia. Jetstar said 10,000 airline tickets were booked right after Taylor Swift released her concert schedule, and this number has increased steadily over the past 8 months.

Brisbane Airport Corporation, Australia estimates that about 25,400 tourists transited here to Melbourne and Sydney to see Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour.

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