Rob Gronkowski claims it’s ‘weird’ for Cowboys’ Micah Parsons to throw shade at Brock Purdy, a QB he lost to earlier this season

Gronkowski advised Parsons to focus on the Cowboys over wasting time on other teams.

Brandon Aiyuk wasn’t the only one defending Brock PurdyMicah Parsons criticized the San Francisco 49ers quarterback for his harrowing four-interception outing against the Baltimore Ravens. Rob Gronkowski has stepped in to shield Purdy from the Dallas Cowboys edge rusher.

The four-time Super Bowl winner can’t seem to wrap his head around Parsons’s comment. In the recent segment of ‘Up and Adams’ with Kay Adams, Gronkowski stated that the All-Pro linebacker should not be pointing fingers at others when his team can’t win games.

It’s really weird that he’s tweeting that out there. First of all, there’s a saying out there: losers focus on winners, and winners focus on winning.

And if you want to be a winner, then you have to focus on winning.

Gronkowski said.

The retired tight end claimed that the Cowboys should get their act together before passing judgment. They recently lost their fifth game on the road against the Miami Dolphins. Not only that, he took a shot by reminding Parsons of Dallas’ heavy 42-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in October.

He’s tweeting that about a team that absolutely dismantled the Cowboys.  when they played them this year. So, it’s just weird to me because he’s an outstanding player, and he’s doing his thing this year, but you’re worried about the San Francisco 49ers.

He added.

Micah Parsons fired back at Rob Gronkowski

Besides being vocal about the officials not giving him holding calls in his favor during matchdays, Micah Parsons always has something to say when he sees a direct rival facing a beatdown. When verbally attacking Purdy about his abysmal performance in a crucial AFC-NFC top-of-the-table clash, he was in his element.

Rob Gronkowski claims it's 'weird' for Cowboys' Micah Parsons to throw shade at Brock Purdy, a QB he lost to earlier this season

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (Image via Sky Sports)
And it did not take him long to direct a reply at Gronkowski. Parsons retweeted the ‘Up and Adams’ video shortly after it was up on social media.

Prime example: let’s attack the person rather than address the topic! Yeah, because it’s so weird that a football player is talking about football on a website where you can write your thoughts and opinions!

He wrote

It’s another Cam Newton situation brewing on the internet. And just like clockwork, Gronkowski answered back to Parson’s taunt.

That was fast, wow. I agree; everyone has their own opinion. Everyone has their own channel now with social media, but I still think it’s weird that you’re worried about another team, man. You just have to worry about what you can control.

Rob Gronkowski said.

Whether Micah Parsons agrees with the 34-year-old or not, he is correct that the Cowboys need to buckle up. If they continue to lose games, it will not only put a dent in their record but also prevent them from drawing favorable outcomes for postseason football. There’s still a chance that Dallas may meet San Francisco, but for that, football fans have to wait until the championship game.

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