Skip Bayless bizarrely blames the Cowboys for his COVID infection despite taking booster shot

The Dallas Cowboys were decimated by the Green Bay Packers 32-48 in the Wildcard Round.

Skip Bayless has been one of the most loyal fans of the Dallas Cowboys. The analyst who is largely viewed as the Godfather of sports talk shows and the face of Undisputed on FS1 and The Skip Bayless Show has recently been working from home.

Bayless has not been doing his shows in the studios as he usually does. In the most recent iteration of his namesake show, Skip Bayless gave the reason for this.

The analyst has contracted COVID once again. He was recently diagnosed with the infection and as a result has been quarantining at home.

I’ve been doing Undisputed from home that’s because I have COVID, once again for my second time, I have COVID. Maybe if you want to be a little bit in depth about it, I caught Cowboy COVID.

The analyst blamed America’s team for giving him the disease after their Wildcard loss to the Green Bay Packers. Skip Bayless blames the loss as he was down and out after the team was unexpectedly beat 32-48 at Jerry World. He further stated,

My theory is that the Dallas Cowboys destroyed me to such a point, to such a depth that they shredded my immune system just the way my defense got shredded by Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers. I was so down I was so low that I was even more susceptible to COVID.

Skip Bayless is sick and tired of the Dallas Cowboys

The analyst admitted to getting the Moderna COVID booster shot, but despite that, he contracted the virus yet again. Unfortunately for him, there may be a vaccine to prevent COVID, but there is no vaccine or medication made to prevent Cowboys fans from ending up disappointed and dejected at the end of every NFL season. The day a cure for that is developed, it will make a company earn millions every year.

Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless (via Open Source/X)
Bayless described his second time contracting COVID as “Cowboy COVID” and the virus targets those with a weaker immune system. Owing to his frustration with America’s team, Skip Bayless has not been in the healthiest of conditions mentally.

He has had to go on national television and attempt to defend and be hopeful about his favorite team for decades now. But this year, when the team genuinely appeared close to breaking the Super Bowl curse, they got blown out by an underdog team in the first round.

To make matters worse, Jerry Jones announced a week after the loss that Head Coach Mike McCarthy would be returning to lead the team in the next season. With better options available, such as Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh amongst others, Jones’ decision to stick with his HC, who is 1-3 in the playoffs, was another setback for Skip Bayless and other fans of the team.

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