Skip Bayless raises eyebrows on Trey Lance’s trade to the Cowboys despite claiming he can be ‘better’ than Dak Prescott

The Cowboys recently acquired Trey Lance from the 49ers in exchange for a 4th rounder.

On Friday, the Dallas Cowboys surprised everyone by making a move to acquire Trey Lance from the San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys gave up a 2024 fourth-rounder in the shocking trade. As a result of the trade, the Cowboys QB room now consists of Dak Prescott, Trey Lance, and Cooper Rush. Lance is expected to start as the third-string QB in the depth chart. Amidst this, the Cowboy fanatic Skip Bayless has shared his two cents on his favorite team’s move.

“I believe Trey Lance can be better than Dak has ever been. Taller, faster, bigger arm, strong intangibles. BUT: He simply hasn’t played much football and he keeps getting hurt – a scary combination, hard to overcome,” Bayless posted on his social media profile.

However, within minutes after saying Lance could be better than Prescott, Bayless also shared that he would trust the current backup QB Cooper Rush more than the former third overall pick.

“I remain a big believer in Cooper Rush. He operated the offense more effectively than Dak did last year. Right now I’d trust CRush far more to win 3 or 4 games as the backup than I’d trust Trey Lance,” shared Bayless exactly 9 minutes after his first post.

The Fox Sports personality and the die-hard Dallas fan Skip Bayless shared a bizarre take that Lance is better than the Cowboys’ starting QB Dak Prescott, but he thinks Rush would be a better backup than Trey Lance.

Stephen A. Smith labels Dak Prescott’s tenure in Dallas a failure

Dak Prescott Cowboys Buccaneers Stephen A. Smith

Dak Prescott and Stephen A. Smith (Images via AP and ESPN)

Following the Trey Lance trade, many people have been questioning Dak Prescott’s future with the Cowboys. Amidst this, the renowned ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has ripped Prescott’s era in Dallas.

Stephen A, a known Cowboys hater, claimed despite getting paid handsomely, the 30-year-old Prescott has never led the Cowboys to an NFC Championship game in his 7-year tenure. Besides, Smith also noted how Prescott just has 2 playoff victories in his career, which is the same number of playoff victories as the 49ers’ rookie sensation Brock Purdy, who has played only one season in the NFL so far.

In the end, Smith labeled Prescott’s tenure with the Cowboys as an absolute failure. Nonetheless, Prescott still can win the Super Bowl ring with the Cowboys in the upcoming season since they have one of the strongest rosters in the league.

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