Snoop VS Eminem: Diss Track Or Not, It Doesn’t Matter! Snoop Needs To Stop These Accusations!

Okay, let’s cool down a little and figure it out.

This track (“Talk That S**t To Me” )snippet was already available earlier, but now Snoop dropped the full version with his direct participation in the video. Maybe it’s not a direct Eminem diss, but damn it, it has a clear selection of bars that refers to Eminem:

Show stopper that dropped classics
The same nigga that Closed Curtains will close caskets
Preforming too like compilation tracks running numbers up that hill

Going Kamikaze for me and my concentration camps
Boy you had to take it back
He’s really ain’t no taking that crypt to life
Play Superman — I’ll be your Kryptonite

And it’s damn “betimes” and gets into the current situation between Em and Snoop. And Snoop Dogg deliberately foments trouble around this situation to give it a move. There’s simply no other explanation!

We respect Snoop and his great contribution to hip-hop. But at the moment, he’s going too far, inflaming passions, instead of solving everything quietly.

What KXNG Crooked offers won’t happen. No one will be silent. We live in a time when information cannot be contained.

Snoop needs to stop these attacks and hints, or he’ll pay for it!

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