Stephen A. Smith believes the Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances are ‘worse’ this year only because Dak Prescott is still their QB

Dallas Cowboys have the least opportunities to clinch Super Bowl, believes Stephen A. Smith.

Famous American TV personality Stephen A. Smith made a sarcastic remark over the Dallas Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones’ comment that the Cowboys are in a better position to clinch the title this year. From the sets of the ‘First Take Show’ on ESPN, the media personality expressed his belief that the Cowboys will not be able to win the title with the help of their quarterback Dak Prescott.

It all started when the show host Chirsinte Willamson asked Smith whether he agreed to what Jones had said. Answering that Smith burst into laughter and started taking jibes at the billionaire. He said, “No, they are absolutely not… I mean it’s a funny question.” Right after the remark he started analyzing the Cowboys’ structure and started pointing out their strong and weak points with an added tone of sarcasm.

‘Listen, I will say this the defense is real, I mean when you add Stephon Gillmore whom I consider to be a future hall of fame, and have Trvon Diggs already there, you shored up a lot. You got Micah Parsons and Demarcus Lawrence. That defence led by Dan Quinn as co-ordinator should be elite. I can not deny it and there is no doubt about it.

However, Smith identified a genuine problem in the Cowboys, which according to him will not let them achieve success. And the name of the problem is Dak Prescott. In the show, Smith kept on telling. “But Dak is still their quarterback and that is where the problem lies and this is the tricky part of Dallas Cowboys….”

Smith is infamous for his insane hatred toward the Cowboys. This is not the first time he cracked sarcastic jokes on the team. Earlier he mocked the team and their fans multiple times. However, this time Smith is not alone in ridiculing Jerry Jones’ claim ahead of the NFL season. Jones was brutally mocked by another TV personality Craig Carton.

What did Jerry Jones Say about his team?

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones
The 80-year-old billionaire and owner, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys earlier made it clear that his team are in better shape to win the title under the leadership of Dak Prescott.

According to the recent ‘Football Night with America’ column by Peter King, Jones said, “You shouldn’t give up the ghost because you fall short in a highly competitive league. Just because we haven’t won it in so long doesn’t make what we’ve done meaningless.”

However, Carton, who runs the Carton show, slammed his remarks by saying, “By the way, if that was an owner randomly coming out on the eve of another season, saying, Boy, I love my quarterback, I love my team. I don’t want to jinx it, but we got a good shot. I accept that we can debate it, right? Here’s the issue of it. If you go back 12 months before that, Jerry Jones said the same thing.”

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