Stephen A. Smith claims Detroit got ‘robbed’ courtesy of poor officiating call at the end of the Cowboys-Lions game

The Detroit Lions suffered a last-minute loss against the Dallas Cowboys in week 17.

The game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions was a thriller. The fans from both teams had to hold their nerves till the last second of the game. While trailing by just a point; the Lions launched an attack for a two-point conversion. They were successful in doing that on the home turf of the Cowboys.

However, little did they have any idea that the referees would overturn their effort and their two-point conversion attempt would go in vain. It was the Cowboys who emerged victorious due to the controversial call and kept their unbeaten home record intact.

Nonetheless, that call triggered intense reactions among the fans and the analysts. Stephen A. Smith opened himself up regarding the referring decision, claiming that the Lions were robbed due to the wrong referring call.

I left the Cowboys as a protest. The Cowboys should not have won and the Detroit Lions got robbed.

Smith said while choosing his top five teams for this year’s NFL.

It was a part of a conversation between him and the co-host Shannon Sharpe on First Take. The latter put the Cowboys in the third position in his top five and garnered dissent from the end by Smith, who was furious (like always) at the Cowboys. When Sharpe approached him about why he left the Cowboys, he had the answer, as mentioned earlier.

The Cowboys have cemented place in the 2023-24 playoffs

For the third time in a row, the Dallas Cowboys have cemented a place in the postseason from the NFC division. The Lions, on the other hand, have also secured a place in the postseason. Nonetheless, as things stand now, none of them have bagged the No.1 conference seed.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott
The Cowboys have had quite a struggle on the road this season. With an 8-0 home record, all of their losses this season have come in the away games. They have just won three games and lost five. Since the team has not got the No. 1 conference seed, they won’t have the home advantage in the postseason, which ultimately can add to their poor playoff record of nearly three decades.

After the game against the Lions, Mike McCarthy‘s playcalling decisions suffered criticism. It is to be seen whether he can turn things around in the postseason, this time around.

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